Monday, April 1, 2013


I have been a little miffed at Herb over Chandrika for the last 4 years since I met him.
We laughed and laughed and at our first meeting and I told him :) I am a soap maker and he says to me, he says, "Oh I only use Chandrika, it is the best!"
"It is fake", I told him, "what do you mean, you don't care about the scent?"
No, I love Chandrika!"
"Ok, ok"

Well that was four years ago! Yesterday he came to pick up his six bars and as always and he takes a big inhale of them and looks at me at the same time while sniffing and with a smile no less!
"It is fake Herbie!" I said to him smiling, "fake you hear me?"
"No it isn't!"
"yes it is, 100% fake!"
"no, it isn't, it is natural."
"It is fake, all fake, fakaroo, babe"
"Why do you think I was so upset with you the first day we met? Fake I say, I can prove it!"
"Just because you do yoga, and love India, does not mean they are honest with their perfumes", I told him,  "and they lie!"
I do not think he believes me, the stubborn ass, maybe that is why he is still single and looking..maybe he should learn more about aromatherapy and oils..
"It is natural, it is made with coconut oil"
that is what he said..
He said, "maybe you hold on to things too long", and I smiled and said, "I am not the one holding six bars of fake ass chandrika in my hands where 30 years ago I would have  been".
Remember Bee and Flower soap and that awesome perfume we would get from India with orange blossom sandalwood or something like that? It was fake..fake fake fake
Hey man the facts are the facts, and we change when we should..
I let him smell real sandalwood and he tried it...I put some on my hand and let him smell it again after the dry off..I planted a seed..I mean it was organic sandalwood..


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