Thursday, April 25, 2013

allow me to present you with the magic of my shadow of the eclipse

in Scorpio:)
my twelfth house is part Scorpio, the  eleventh house is Scorpio too..
I have always wondered about that aspect of my chart. Scorpio takes a big giant portion of my northern hemisphere starting in my tenth house, eleventh and part of the twelfth house all together..everything I do outside my home is having to do with Scorpio vibes ..but let me tell how this is highlighted during an eclipse.
hey man things happen, and friendships fade and the next thing you know, you just do not relate with a person grew, they didn't, you cried, they didn't care or you spoke up and they couldn't accept your words..
whatever it is Scorpio  is gonna tear it apart and re assemble it, somehow not needing a few pieces in the process.
Scorpio vibes bring intense all or nothing people, drama, jealousy, impatience, resentment, excellence in thought, patience, wisdom, ability to endure, delving deeply and getting the answers..vampires and their moods... And if you let the mood will fester and then you will smell bad from the liver..

In my case, when I leave somewhere, people get mad and  for a minute..they get pissed!
All that goes through my mind as a Libran with all that Scorpio up on top, is that, "what do you want me to do, stay here and rot?"
"I must go now man!"

Actually, I am here to stay. I like my mom and dad near by and I like my boys and girls near by and I like my soap near by:) and I like my job just is ok, all ok:)

Where do you have Scorpio in your chart?

Check out this link for further insight
Scorpio Eclipse Magic

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