Wednesday, April 24, 2013


it is funny how work is just so healing for anger and what ever else angsts you. I began cleaning the manor yesterday. Crabtree Manor)
There was alot of clean up to do before the planting begins..oh, man, there will be eleder and linden and cosmos and about 5 is the five year plan:)

You can get so caught up with sadness that that you walk around in a funk continually remembering what you are mad about and then the next thing you know, you change you mind yet again and accept things  so as to not continue being angry.

Or, you go ourside and you clean up some dirt and you think about the goodness and your boys with shovels saying, "what do you want next , mom?"
I don't know, but I can honestly say about myself is that, I linger on somethings a long time. Capricorn moon does that!
Like if someone is a jerk to me..I may forget all the other awesomeness in my life..just for a wee second, but it happens.
You too?
We can make it through this and become quite amazing or just still stay stuck in some imaginary slight from a country or a friend..
hey man, that said, some people are just assholes and there is nothing you are going to do about cannot change can't..leave them alone, maybe someone was and jerk to them or,  they are simply worried about having enough money for their belly fat removal..who knows?
That said, lately, all my customers are stellar. it has been at least six months since anyone has been too rude.
One time, an older red head was so mean that I walked away a little upset at her rudeness,  and then while telling   my workmate, I said, "that whore should be down on her knees at my feet being grateful that I helped her so intelligently, but instead she is a hag to me"::")))
moohaaaa, I laughed! very lightly, but she heard me, I think she may have..
dang it!
I hurt her feelings but..but..some one had to..maybe she'll think about why someone would say that about her? She is after all a good person. Right! A righteous woman!
Hey man, you do not achieve a scowl like that for no reason.

 Your smile says you are soft and happy.

That is what I say anyhow:)
things come out of my mouth, I am a Sagittarius rising after all! Sag does that, just blurts out the truth like an arrow of fire and wood and some fakin birch tar holding its elements together and he just fakin hurls at you and you're like stunned at the honest truth of it all.
I am now gonna plant some wild flowers, I want this place to be an enchanted manor..awe!!

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