Wednesday, August 7, 2013

new moon

in Leo in August right now:)
If there were a time of year when you could take all the adoration, all the confidence and self love and squeeze it in a few glorious days, it would be now. (how about all the time too!!) The new Moon in Leo, you,  me the whole thing.. expressing appreciation for our awesomeness!
Think about how amazing you are. think that what ever you present to your peers will be loved and admired for its art and creativity. think boons, gifts and new ideas coming to you.
Think about reading a new book and speculating as to the outcome and being pleasantly surprised by everything..that comes with your expectations.
Open your heart to love, and contentment. Open your heart and mind to the best things and know you are already there, having everything you wanted at your feet, energy flowing through your fingertips and spreading sparkling joy to all.

one drop rose on your heart
one drop sandalwood on your third eye
one drop frankincense at your tops of both feet
apply and be open to love, grace and wisdom/confidence

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