Monday, August 12, 2013

managing my local business

People around ask me for soap now. My daughter's friend asked if she could have some soap:)...
Course she did. Once you get the clean, smooth sweep of the finest layer of  beautiful essential oils gliding on you and making you feel good and your skin happy, you don't want to  not have them. People come and use my washroom... and I have a creamy patchouli soap in there right now sitting on a clay soap dish that Sarah made next to some cream I whipped up with sandalwood in it..I am sure someone snooped and opened a jar to smell..
Dude. natural skin care is where its at!  
This is true 100% of the time..using an oil such as frankincense is something your brain with all its neurons and whatnot, will make new cells and lighten up areas unperceived. These are particles which  have yet to be discovered...
And that is just one oil. Imagine when working with all of them?
One can now see that it is of utmost, yes I said utmost:) importance that we choose vendors of oils who are also artists and are of right mind. I am thinking organic whenever possible. But when it comes to ancient practice of collecting resins off of trees, you are talking about someone who must have reverance for his trees. I would think so anyhow.

As far as local go, they will say, " I need some soap momma", and then weeks go by as I wait for money..
Do I simply deliver soap and expect payment..that seems like kind  of vague..I do not really like hauling product with a vague notion on if it should be now or later.
I get it, we are all busy, but I, myself must become more diligent..besides, it is what it is..
I will not deliver products like some gypsy, you want, come to me honey, with money"))
Money is so weird yo..
Yesterday, I confided  to a customer that I make my own soap..
She talked the whole time...
"I really love that one  lady's soap at the farmers market, but it's four dollars"
She wanted really cheap soap  but natural:))
"how much is your soap, will you sell me some?"
My soap is nine dollars, I told her..
"Well some of us like nice things and wonderful oils are exquisitely expensive..."
She bought the soap made in Israel,  that is three for six dollars..I gave her the one with shea butter, I do not think that the vanilla scent is real..but I must get off of my soap box..who am I the ketone police?
I hope that she goes back to the girl at the market and splurges on herself.
I mean really, it is four dollars, what is she going to save the world with four dollars?

I learned something from Clara at Zerbos's years ago..."Practice what you are worth" she said to me. 

Thank you, have a wonderful day xo

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