Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Plantagenets By Dan Jones

What a wonderful writer Dan Jones(:))) is! Such a way to tell a story. It takes me back a thousand years ago, where war,  like today, (1000 years later), was about territory, killing pagans or anyone else who wasn't you, separating Jews, oh yea they did it there too and and taking over a town by taking control of all the food and money. In England, and I don't know why the call it merry cuz it seemed pretty awful, but in England, there were thriving villages in between the killing. people like us wanted a calm serene life with nice food and clean water.
I wonder how they took Jesus' teachings and decided they were for war.
"Christ rules, Christ arms, Christ conquers",
they would chant before war.
Basically these guys around the year, 1200, found out that there was a pretty powerful guy, some sultan,  Saladin, taking over countries left and right, and  so it starts!
 It has continued for thousands of years.
I am glad I do not have to wear a cape over my head so that nobody sees how "hot" I am underneath the robe! I mean it could still happen, I suppose. The spread of Islam is still happening on earth.
One religion can be a little more flexible  than another. not by much! The Koran is rigid like the old testament. they are similar..
 I wonder what would happen if we just all work together and loved each other, the yin the yang and all that.

The weapons during the turn of the millennium, were bows and swords. You get cut with a knife like that and there is 90% chance you will die from infection.
 When I cut myself really badly and saw a reason for concern when everything started to swell up, I had lavender oil,  salt and hot water and if I needed,  antibiotic ointment.  During the Persian empire, resins were used to treat infections while northern Europeans were still using leaches and cow dung!
Of course mommas would find herbs to heal their families! They knew a thing or two about plants. women knew, witches, they called them. Why? The more ignorant, the more one believes in supernatural ideas.
"We are going to kill her, if she floats, she is evil, if she sinks, she is innocent."
Who thinks like that?
"Hey lets make shit up because we are drunk all day and since we are strong and arrogant, well, you had better watch it if we don't like you!"
Look at how easily a man can change when he has a uniform and a gun (police), give a man a gun and he will become the enforcer, he will! Make him a king in a castle, turn him into a god and then beg his forgiveness for killing a dear on his land which he took from you and which you still work so he can eat and go fight in more wars which you pay for!
Ah, taxes!  This was a time when taxes were ridiculous. Wars were very expensive even then. How do you think you would feed and pay 15 thousand soldiers? Any way you can scrape up the money, that is how. At one point, the lords and barons said, " no", they were not going to fund yet another war!

Some places on earth were more advanced. Take the American natives before Europeans. They found ways in the woods to help themselves.
I remember as a child instinctively reaching for certain weeds to rub on my itchy bug bites.
That is the rugged and very healthy, plantain herb, by the way:)
Simply smash it up in your hand and rub it on an itchy bug bite. It works. I should make some soap with that!

Why did humans decide that they needed to defend Christ by killing off other humans on earth?
 For gold, silly! Lots and lots of gold! Boat fulls of it! And control of the land, for sure!
Some people have said it was because these cultures were heathen, practiced human sacrifices and blood rituals..Europeans in the name of Jesus did the same thing and so did many other civilizations around the planet. And yet, I hear that Christ arms..they killed him too, yo...or almost killed him. I feel like he walked away and perhaps died on a mountain somewhere  away from craziness.
Catholics believe that he walked around for 40 days after the Crucifixion. There is only one way that can be true, otherwise he would have shown up a few times and explained that this is not what he was talking about.

He wanted for us to have;
Making the smallest sacrifices and doing that for love.

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