Saturday, August 31, 2013

good morning

it is almost September and we're on our way
to where?
to anyhow anywhere and yea, here..if I may say
the key is a smile and a forgive and a sweet word or two

you made this place in life for yourself so this must be what you revere
you make each morning a happy day ahead
knowing no sadness or fear
knowing only do and hear
with calmatude
and nerves of steel
 your eyes  can see from ten feet high and through walls of  anger and dread..
be glad for this good fortune to now act swiftly and move ahead

and be who you are

 not some  broken thing sitting on a chair crying that everything is wrong and you're not loved and now things have changed and your back hurts and you suck basically because you hate everything and say mean words every time you open your mouth..ok, not mean words, but sad is all the same..

words shape your mouth, make them sweet, it is better..
ya hear?

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