Wednesday, August 14, 2013

let us play with your look

with brian cranston xxoo
and jimmy fallon

it is on youtube and my sweet tonie sent it to me because she likes to work her mind all day and titillate mine.
She does..
funny how we get what we expect from people..:)
anyhow, if you watched Breaking Bad and were riveted for a month or so, with your eyes bulging out,  then this will be refreshing fun..
a new way to look at brain cranston
it is too much some days..and in the next few days we are gonna run, we had better had some laughs while we're at it..right?

I have been inspired to make some bath oils with scents  based on some soaps I have on the menu.
The sweet October Union girl asked for Mystic Nights in Lebanon oil to go with her soap, such a nice energy she has:) I will make...
and , for sure, my amazing E would love to have a birch oil rub down..I am thinking like ones ones you would get from Europe..Weleda, Olbas come to mind..
Not too much smokey birch tar but more like a heated penetrating rub down..
At one time, a long time ago whe it was the 70's I  loved this stuff from Europe, zerbos had it and they would advertise in health magazines ..I believe it is now olbas brand, but there were others. Olbas seems to have the right idea still, but they use a chemical dispersing soap with PEGs in the formula..

the whole idea is to stimulate while puling away debris..yes??
I will make this and show you when it is ready..
I had been playing around with the idea of liquid soap, and perhaps I can make a low sudzing soak for some folks now and should be green with organic chlorophyll from nettles and it should have a little coconut oil  soap in it..why coconut? Because it foams and you wouldn't have to use as much to get a lather as say from an olive oil based soap. Plus, a little lauric acid from coconut oil helps break down fats and oils in order for more absorption of mineral components to enter the mitochondria of your skin cells..

I want to be like that woman in the bathtub, hair up, smiling, soaking, being healed inside and out, being happy, because she is on top of her game and her mind is sharp..:)

 Mystic Lebanon will be including labdanum, oakmoss, frankincense and some balsamic fir and birch paste (not the smoked kind)

E Fitness Rub
A dynamic composition  to stimulate and heat up during a massive rub down!
there will be birch paste (my doing)
cyprus oil
we need those for sure
there will be angelica
extracts of celery seed and other alpine type herbs..because that is how i roll..(that is what he said:))

Angelica brings clarity and anti swelling properties which will help women..particularly the second chakra
There will be some heating agents as well as cooling, like, cajput and a drop or two wintergreen..
The penetrating agents  in a rub down such as this must be light enough to enter your blood stream, one little tiny micro nutrient at a time by the trillions..

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