Sunday, August 4, 2013


All I do is dream weird dreams lately so I decided to see what Neptune was up to. 
Neptune is at her best in Pisces and here she is.. right now at this time in Pisces  and she hasn't been in this area in space for a really long time.
The last time this happened was 1848!
The gold rush, mass hysteria.... (dr oz)??
During  1848, there were many social issues being fought for and begun. I like to think that my dreams are a result of me, thinking about my daily life in cosmic colors where my shakti wakes up new fresh ideas and also instinctively allows to  me understand a warning from with in. 
I like to be a part of this Neptune Pisces that looks at the deeper meaning of our lives as a mother and woman and a friend to all..yea!

Look at some of the awesome stuff that came as a result of Neptune in Pisces;
like the first homeopathic school and the first women's movement and first  gas lights at the white house..

And.. all  sorts of countries and governments taking over places on earth. Pisces can be a coltrol freak and mean sometimes, I see that..put Pluto in Aries (1848) and you have violence, put Pluto in Capricorn,(2013) you have wisdom and a littlebit hurt fealings and a time where having had lived and faced the hard knocks of life, nothing on a mundane level which is presented before you will be too shocking. 
You can handle anything you set your mind to.

Don't be scared, be a woman! Be the man you think you are in your mind!

 The comunist menefesto was also presented during that year and the US took Texas from Mexico..although there were planets in Aries that effected this type  social control over the masses. then again, look at the higher octave of that with this cycle of Neptune, The US is in Afganastan and for many years in The Middle east..things are shaking up at all times in that region of earth..

In Myth, stars and planets are given human physiological qualities but in reality it is all magnets and gravity.
By all accounts astrology should not work and some astrologers would say, by all accounts it does!
 Uranus aspects correlate with sun spots and solar flares..Neptune brings dreams, it always does.

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