Saturday, August 24, 2013

soap ideas for the week

Why do I want rosemary and lavender bud soap? With a wee hint of mint??
I smelled one from South Of France and I liked it.
The shredding the compressing with the triple milled and the we have one companies that add colors to make themselves interesting..they are. Their orange is fake and so is their lemon. Real scents do not smell that way. If you add the proper amount of essential oil oil of orange to a soap it'll still be a little flat or dull and simple..
For a two pound batch, I have been known to add a whole cup of orange oil, and still not the same "what orange is in your mind" type of smell and must put something in there to hold down the orange and then after 30 years or so, you can become and artista of aromatics....and holding things down, like Poseidon held Athena down in that cave...

I do realize that we live in an advanced age (ha!!) and can duplicate chemicals to make what we want to the drugs and the drugs and the tide and the cheer because without them, our clothes will smell like us,  our heat, the animal parts of us that reek..
That is why we add the scent. We want to hide from what we are, animals, naked stinky animals...
So we apply oils and unguents..
We are crazy for it.
On we go.
I would rather not smell of tide. I can smell it on people now.
You know, when you've become so used to the natural, that fake stuff really stands out and in some cases it'll make you a little sick..

Even some natural oils can make you a little sick, look at jasmine! Lately, or maybe even always, Himalayan cedar makes me oozy. It just turns me around and I submit, like an albatross would land on a sandy beach or something...or some other heavy creature looking like she is gonna crash and then she glides in..

one drop jasmine can make you submit but good. Maybe it is taking away grief and that hurts just a much to let it to keep the fakin thing!
There will be a time when jasmine can be a dream come true, when it is blended with a little ylang and a little vanilla..omg one drop of that on your belly and your inside lady parts or man parts, somehow soften and open up, and you are in your head again sorting and working it..
that is how we do..

I love you:))

Rosemary Soap with lavender buds
Jasmine Sweet Orange Soap
Frankincense lemon
Pink Grapefruit Bergamot with lap sang su shong
Davana Champaca Flwer with Ginger vetiver co distillation

Vetiver Lime Cream
Vetiver Cedar cream
Vetiver Cream
Fat Phase:
shea butter, sea bcukthorn, satcha itchi oil, and hemp oil..
Made to be rubbed deeply in the muscle of lower back for Kidney and Adrenal support.


  1. oh my!
    beautiful and wondrous soapie ideas and such
    from a beautiful soul!

    love you too!


  2. you are very good to me, you are!!
    oud on the way!!