Wednesday, August 28, 2013

obsessed with smoked tea

Not a fan of drinking lap sang sushong tea, but lately, in perfumed oil, oh yea. In soap for depth, like the old whore, yea!
I am going to put more in blends..
Look at me, all growing and changing..
why, I even started a journal so that I can remember some details that can get lost in my brain
Oh they come back, somehow, but get lost they do.

Anyhow, some people have ordered from the new perfume offering, The Power Of Six and the most popular blend so far is bergamot with the smoked tea..
the power of six (blends)
You have six ideas in blending and one or two really stand out.
I wore Jasmine and Sandalwood yesterday from this group and got so many good things all day..I wonder if jasmine brings  boons, because every time I wear jasmine, I seem to have peaceful days..with sandalwood, not alone..maybe it is sandalwood! I love it so drop on you before you go our for the day and you are blessed for something good.
So,  I am wearing the bergamot blend and can't seem to stop sniffing it. I am looking for the tea. I am looking for the smell of tea, after the smoke clears. It is there. Is it perfect? Never!
It is always perfect in its irregularity..a blend and life is.
How can you ever think to have the most perfect oil, the most perfect wine or cheese..(Sartori Raspberry something..OMG so  so good))
Soap and perfume are like that. The flavors continually aging and becoming uniquely their own fragrance..nothing can be duplicated when using fresh real ingredients..I have never once had two patchoulis that were the same..not one time!
You get batches that you adore and some you just get through, because they just didn't do it the way you like .just like people:)
Nice thing about soap is you can go to the next one, people not so much, they may linger and drive you nuts until you love yourself enough  to get  them out of your way.
That is Libra talkin, right there.
Well, there is work to be done, I must do a few hours of prep before soapmaking tomorrow and door shopping with my momma..I need a new back door!
have a wonderful day:)

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