Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ylang Ylang and its weirdness

Ylang ylang is too much! It is too much sweet and too much weird tang, (I call everything tang::))
Mix her with a little spruce, you could, she sweetens forest blends..
mix her with patchouli and you have softness and warmth. Ylang ylang vanilla is heaven..mmm, ylang ylang vanilla..Mystic Medusa loves that combo, she does..
I do have a very nice patchouli that I am working with. a couple patchoulis really!
One is younger but organic and the other is old from Sumatra and delicious.

Years ago I had made an interesting musical ylang ylang patchouli with a drop cinnamon, nutmeg..cardamom..why not??

Ylang ylang is so sure of herself that few things can frazzle her.
Oh, she may change you, but you cannot change her. You can, gently enlighten her..and she will allow you to turn to your most exotic parts of your brain where ideas meet with matter and become real in the most uncommon sense.
She is  tenacious and  velvety sweet. You cannot have too much of her, she needs a ton of space, besides, a little of her goes a long way.
She is Ubiquitous..she is!
She permeates areas yet unknown to you...:):)
To say that she brings peace, is to say something true. You want to roll around a bit and rest and laugh with her and appreciate her wonderful ways. you love her, I know you do, a little bit at a time...

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