Saturday, August 10, 2013

being in receiving

Is there a difference between taking and receiving?

There must be. Otherwise we wouldn't feel such guilt over getting.
Capricorn Moon wants to pay  back some how as if life is in trading make things right.
Libra Sun says, "oh, how nice, I am loved.."
Scorpio takes money for granted and loves her little games, in secret where she beats is no object! She'll give you the shirt off her back and maybe later take yours..ha ha nice, I am kidding:)

Sagittarius wants to prove she is a capable person..
She is chill and relaxed about money herself to meet her own needs..most of the time..she has no problem spending it and accepting  she can sort through details all day..focus and say, "thank you"

Listen, all I am saying is for us to be accepting and not just taking  so if that means giving something to someone you love, then so be it, give it. If you have it, give it!
that is how it works for me..
 And give to yourself. I think accepting a gift from myself is so wonderful! Do I ask myself if that money could have been better spent on clothes or more food for my children? Rarely! i will spend all the money on them, my children..
There is always enough for us to get what we want and I usually want things.
I want a pound of distilled frankincense and I hear told by some reputable sources that Mysore sandalwood is being sold as real, the real thing..
Dang man, what if it is true??
I remember I had 16 ounces from Trigve at enfleurage, once! sigh...Trigve..what kind of awesome name is that for a world traveling aromatherapist!?
She had some of the finest oils I have ever had the pleasure of using:)
I really haven't bought anything there lately because, well, one never gets to talk to Trigve any more, do they?
Plus..I am using huge amounts of oils, and five mls here and there is not practical..but still, her myrrh and her green lemon were out of this world. I remember one time, she sold me some  frankincense and myrrh resins which were in  chunks as big as my fist!
Thank you Trigve, for making the 1990's glorious!!

 I like it when a business is small enough to treat you like the friend you have always been to them as a patron of their wares..At the very least that is what I strive for mine..

How do we become more serene in our daily "accepting" of goodness?
I think it is just by saying thank you:) each time:) thank you for even the smallest is going to be a nice day.

Aries says, "thank you, may I have anothah?"
Taurus, "that was delicious, now come here..:)
Gemini, "thanks, momma"
Cancer, "lovely, I needed this:)"
Leo, "this looks good on me, thank you"
Virgo, trying not to feel guilty, "thank you" and then already having had plans to devour this treat, moves off in a little corner and partitions off each section to analyze exactly where it'll be used and how, of course..there are ins and outs an what have yous..

Libra, surprised and gratefully, saying, "thank you"

Aquarius, looks great and loves her space, saying "thank you"
Pisces feeling the most gratitude whilst giving..

Have I missed anyone?

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