Sunday, August 18, 2013

my hair is three colors

The first is 5N from Nature Tint which I have been using for say, 5 years.
The second, a red henna which took quite well to the 5N pigment layers I had been using.
Third about an inch and a half of gray which I am growing out.
90% of me is growing out..
80% of me is growing out.
It can go on and on and then I'll like put henna on it  again..but it is so messy, I do not want to.
Ok so  the gray..
I have about two inches of gray. I was thinking that I would let it go and see what a big head of giant hair looks like:)
When I retire and do not have to bend down in front of myself all day, I will let my hair loose and shock everybody.
They'll be like, "there she is, the crazy hair horse faced hag, let's go over to her house and get something!"

But seriously, the hair thing is big..
What if I shave it all, start over like Jamie Lee Curtis when it grows out a little.
My hair would be all frizzy on my head all short..
No, I must be sensible..
Let it grow, see what it looks like and go from there..
dang, what about that auburn henna from light mountain? that one has indigo powder in there with the henna leaf powder..
I went and tried a liquid henna called suryia. What $17 dollars for three weeks worth of highlights? Please! I actually could have used two bottles!
They do have a nice conditioner however.

The hair on your head says a whole lot about you..Look at Einstein..
like I am anything like the guy..hugh! :)
Still he did have some wild hair..
I'd  look like the female Einstein of soapmaking and essential oil studies..without ever saying a word..just walk in a room and be like, ' I love me some oils sugh so's that I can study their micro elements, and their super intense qualities!!"
There is magik all around us and it for sure can be measured in time and space!
athenes theory of everything

There is this little chick who comes in and just buys biotin. It took her a year and dr oz to make her take the biotin for her her hair which is thin because she does not eat in fear of being overweight!
The other day, she comes in and just stares at my head..
"what, I know it is three colors"
"no it looks lighter" she said
"I'm growing it out"
she is small so she has to look up at me..she wants the big hair but she can bring herself to eat an egg or a sandwich with tons of  goodies in, "what are you worried about?", I would say to her..I sold her the biotin, 5 mgs, the one from my store because it is the same thing and cost 6 dollars less..hey save some money for your coffee and pepsi all day..don't worry the biotin will take care of the thin hair..not!!
Eat some kale, eat some cheese and other cultured frail she is and does not know it.
What am I the frail police now:))??
Aries..why are they so obsessive. they can't get enough? They find something which works and they make it their mission..each tightening the cord and pulling it in further.. and still, they can't get the point where it weakens them. They become the slave to their success..
could it be my sweet darling Aries, that in all your years, be it 2 or 20, you have realized only a few close people who actually care about you.? Who doesn't want to be loved more than Aries?
The ones who you were devoted to in some weird fantasy, are not real. only how you treat others now.
Say what you want and be reasonable.
There are people who see you as unapproachable and self serving and others who crave your  fiery energy. Aries men are among Astrology's best lovers next to Virgo men..Capricorn men too. they're earthy , musky and warm ...Earthy men give out some hormone energy which is lusty and rich.. Gemini man gets your mind first, Libra does loves nice sheets! Cancer is comfy and warm and will hold you afterwards and all night, lightly and gently..Leo will talk all night after he eats you up..
Taurus, earthy, I said...scorpio will suck your blood ( you like it) and then go play his techy game..
Pisces, I do not know for sure, but they will definitely tell you what they need and you had better give it..yum
Aquarius, can go to a sweat lodge where people go naked and chant tantric mantras and there is no problem with that.
just sayin'

have a wonderful day, eat something good :)

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