Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the in crowd

who cares, you attract who you are anyhow!

Look at psychics and fortune tellers for example, the ones I've seen are overweight and look unhealthy..open all day to others woes, they allow for a certain absorption of energies.  With Uranus retrograde the "in" crowd may surprise you. I would still say to keep your cool and do  not stand out right now. There is always someone slick around to wowz  us and makes us question our own pizazz..
You will see in some a certain desperate anxiousness which stems from control issues that need to be addressed, and you'll see sudden flashes of insight and crazy raw shakti realities down from the pit of your stomach....
look deeply there at the base of your spine where all your beginnings lie.

 A healer woman, came the other day, a homeopath to boot. She brought her business card in order to promote her new office of homeopathy. She was pretty with nice very light complexion and heavy and tall at the same time. She looked like she had a huge brain, like her forehead was too full in the front..full and round..
 After she left, one of the vitamin reps said quietly,  that clearly she has things to work on before she can help others..
so true, but she may have had a gift unseen to help a few people..and yes she still has things to work on, but the vitamin rep has a bit competitive defensive disdain for her upon sight, that he automatically went in his Cancer cave and said it when you could only see two little eyes out of the sand of his persona. heh,
he is lovely!
People judge one another, what can we do?
Some of us have the ability to observe and not judge too hastily, and others do not..we are not saints, we are humans learning to become and know what we are..but on the other hand..
Just sayin'...
Hey man, if you snap at me and your lip sneers, that is the last thing I'll ever remember about you, I'll walk away because I am a Libra, I will remember a faint picture of you for eternity, that is Scorpio in me..I am not a saint for gosh's sakes..you?
Let's face it, we work, we are always in contact with many people. I am, all day. About a million of them a year..(just guessing:))) people in my face all day talking about their ailments, what doctor oz said, their most private body functions, more and more wanting to go all natural with skin care..Yeiiyaa!!
I always give them probiotics and food based vitamins and ask them why they can't sleep. Why? Sleeping is so nice!
Then they tell me. Awe!!

Pisces folks, your mind may be too active and creating scenarios that are not true and based on your desire to control everyone because we all know that you are right in the end:)

Aries, you are very attached to some things. You will have to change and let yourself give up.
You have immersed yourself for too many years in your militant view of your life and your church. (whatever dogma it may be)
Not everything is written in stone. I feel like Aries men go through a thing where they are inconsolable over past events, dwelling on  things that cannot be changed. Your will is not other's will. I'll never be.
I suppose that goes for all of us:)

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