Saturday, August 17, 2013

etsy user guide by me and experience

I am working with esty. It is easy and my phone app is convenient at work and about answer emails and other soapie issues..
I have even found a way to not be directly on the soap page as to avoid nail polish and nail  polish and for a while there it was eye shadow and my worst favorite of all, you know whoop!!! (it rhymes)
There is this one gal with big teeth selling skin care and another one with horrible skin, horrible, who sells acne stuff..stop it especially the you know whoop girl. Who does that?

The fragrance page!! yeiiiii!
There, on etsy's fragrance page you have a good amount of people working with aromatics. course you have the stranger girl, she has made the most sales!
I believe it is her style and writing ability yes, but also it is her love of oils and scent which make her an artista! She makes perfume, she blends and she thinks about oils and the type of intention she wants to sell to her customers.
But back to me..and my awesome abilities and intentions..ha ha:)
I just want to stress how much I enjoy melting and pouring and dropping and smelling..How I will work on a fixative base for years and years. It finally becomes something amazing and then it flees for a time  and comes back to the old whore, or the chypre blend that is my beloved project these last few amazing years..

There are many people selling on etsy and then they go on the face book and dilute themselves by cavorting with predatory types.
I want to make amazing things and talk about it, not be a judge of who is "the" too?

Anyhow, someone asked me the other day about recipes. I do not keep them, I'll jot things down on scrap paper for weeks upon finishing a blend, but no journals.
So, if I tell you a recipe, it will not turn out the same..why???
The vibrations of your oils are different from mine, especially if you work under a full moon in full chant mode or full running around mode or facebook mode! Your cell structure may be from several different stars than mine:) that there is science..just saying..look it up:)
Facebook makes you forget to live your life..think about how  often you have your face in front of a screen, worrying about someone liking what you said instead of working on something wonderful..all that wasted adrenalin!!
At  least that what I think anyhow. look at bread from San Fransisco, one can never duplicate that formula in New York..the air is different, the bacteria is different, the hands which deliver the product have certain oils on them..they're different..

I must go..and leave my wonderful clean cave where I deep cleaned with frankincense and lemon yesterday..ahhhh
Wouldn't that make a nice soap?
With diatomaceous earth, you say?

Will do, will do!

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