Sunday, August 25, 2013

little fairy with ivy

look how cute!!
that is a dark purple morning glory ivy growing near little miss and look how the ivy has caressed her even making a little umbrella shade for her.
hello and good mornin to ya..
I would like to be more like a little fairy but there is nothing little about me, what with 15 planets in my tenth house, the good the bad and the ugly...and with this many kids around here and their friends, believe me, it gets ugly..
"I would like to come home and not find a bunch of people here, drinking coffee, tea, loving the space, I get it:))",
I told my girl as we were driving to get salad fixins'.
She said they were all valid acquaintances and I should think of that. I wonder if that girl will become a lawyer or something...she likes history and math that one.

I have spent the last two weeks just sorting and cleaning and folding and eating.
This is the best time for food!
My three favorite foods, tomato, pepper and cucumber and goat cheese.
Ok I like orange cake too!
I made some orange cake with organic sweet orange oil..
Don't worry, I won't be any time soon, calling it food grade, but we ate some..dang it was good!
one box trader joes vanilla cake mix
4 local organic eggs
1/2 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil
1/8 teaspoon organic orange oil (cold pressed)
a little bit whipped cream (from the last recipe) to loosen it up a little more
 bake 350
If you want to you can melt some nice chocolate and drizzle it on top. I would use that dark chocolate bar with espresso beans in it and I would mix that with a little heavy whipping cream and then drizzle that on top of the fragrant fluffy cake steaming on the counter, the coconut oil, the orange and the vanilla, mmmm
."oh, whatcha makin?"
"what, orange cake??
"mom, don't put that funny chocolate on it, can we put some regular chocolate frosting?"
"wait, did you put something in here?"
"yea, I am making an orange cake, do I need to ask you next time:))"
"no, no, so what is in it"
It is like I can't turn them off. :):)here is always someone trying to control my every move.
must be my Scorpio attracting that squaring my Leo in the 8th house....

Interesting enough with this Pluto square Uranus..we are talking major upheaval, yo!
Tell me that when the Sun shot out billions of tons of particles at  us last week, twice.. that all your magnetism did not get all shook up.
Maybe you didn't notice, but I did.
I felt as if I were out of my body and watching everyone over react..I must admit that this is an opportunity to be the most on board and reliable as can be because it will show big time by 2016, when all the rough spots of this major transit  in our space and time is done its thing and passed on to the next..which is gratitude and real understanding of God..
not some feared crazy guy who you have to bow to. That is what Jesus told us not to do! He'd be here having coffee with all these people.
You made him in your mind I suppose as did I.
any how
Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus  in Aries!! tell me about it!

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