Tuesday, August 27, 2013

more on Uranus

the creatures big and small were so loud the last few nights, I found it  almost mystical. Take this morning, well, 20 minutes of sirens in the distance ( I wondered what happened) woke me at 4 but  then of course I went outside at 5 to say hello to the plants and what not, and the creatures, so loud, so loud!!!
Now the rain, a thick warm rain with the wind gently  tousling the sunflowers and trees..
if global warming is real, I suspect that all this area will be tropical one day, or not..I realize that the sun goes through hot and cold phases but our sun has been very hot for the last few years..what is it, three years now with the flares?
do not even think that all those particles of matter aren't gonna shake us up..and send extra heat over our way..after all we are merely 94 million miles away from our star.

Uranus in Aries may bring war like conditions as well as new ideas and new bold discoveries.
Think about some one militant who wants their own way! Think about your new hot french lover who is so eccentric and wild and you are like ooh la laaa... Uranus energies, they intensify everything.

(hey, man, people tell me everything)
here are some things I was told last week....

Aries, "be crazy about me"
Taurus, "why do you make me hit you?"
Gemini, "yea, you should see how beautiful my new lover is"
Cancer, "I just want to spend the day with him"
Leo, I'm to be heard and admired!!"
Virgo, "secrets, secrets"
Libra, "tell me..tell it to my soul or I'm wearing jasmine"
Scorpio, this is how it is, momma!"
Sagittarius, "evolving, morphing..), making, doing""
Capricorn, "see my silk sheets, 500 thread count, get in there""
Aquarius, "what, you said, bring some friends and dress up"
Pisces, " who loves you"

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