Monday, August 5, 2013

feel the push

(that's what he said)))

August is rough. Becoming aware of school coming up, documents to organize and teachers to talk with, is, is busier than ever and it is rough too..Mercury finally out of the shadow setup zone making things move faster...
sound about like what is up?
You know what makes me sad and I cried? When Robin Hood died in the BBC series at the end of the show! What a sad death that was!! I cried till midnight! The other stuff, well, life yo!
Kids, work, family, parents!! Oye..It'll never stop..but fantasy keeps us interested. At least it does me. I love a good funny story or something wonderful like Robin Hood dying at the end of the show, Like I think Buffy should have stayed dead at the end of the fifth season instead they brought her back for two more seasons only to make her work in a burger joint and loosing her power in all that mundane misery..
I loved Buffy, I love Joss Whedon and I love the BBC!
How about the new doctor? Anyone a fan of Dr Who?
Hey man, you have to have some sort of diversion from reality, don't you?
Would you be a companion to the doctor?
Hells to the yes, I would!!!!

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