Thursday, August 22, 2013

iduna with the apples

I want to be like Iduna with the apples. She is a little obscure and always carries goodness and treats in her large bowl tray made of some sort of vine thing in the forest.
She walks tall and has the apples that is for sure, Iduna does.
What does that mean to me at this moment in time?
She is younger yet as old as time. maybe she is that part of us which loves the refreshing taste of apples or any fall fruit in the same family. Like when I was a child, the fall harvest brought joy and laughter in the family..what with bushels of apples and pears and wonderful home grown corn..
btw, the first apples were wild and crab apply..:)not the juicy crisp varieties available today..we still had the wild ones, in the mountains by my village, Proti, in Greece..let me tell you that those little nuggets were so delicious and concentrated with flavor..oh, man, we walked for many miles up hill to get some..I would follow the big kids..they said my eyes were too big for my stomach:)

I want to always have a clean space to make and create my blends and for that to linger here a while and then  transcend itself through out space and time and at the allowance of you, feeling that, and you, transcending that back to us..

she has the apples
she is tall and dark
she is fit
she knows the ways of the forest and where the eatables grow
of course she wears flowers in her hair

I made two garlands so far, hopefully today, two more

the are already wilted, but still smell wonderful..

this one is French marigolds with lemon verbena and sunflowers a couple of calendulas

this one is not as showy but still has a nice feel and gentle scent...

it is a good way to save seeds and adore flowers

maybe, if i think they are  pretty enough,  I'll give some away with an order  if someone asks for one..

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