Wednesday, August 21, 2013

my cauldron

I am brewing up some new blends for Autumn!
There will be clove and sweet orange and there will be anointing oil for sure.
There will be a few more balms too, something with a smoke to it, like that lap sang..
lap sang su shong co2 with fresh sage hydrosol in a soap!!

After the smoke clears from lap sang, you get the tea!
I get the tea!!
It smells so good to me, why shouldn't I make something with it? A bergamot lap sang su shong balm?

I am thinking about the next soap too. there should be a new bath of Astarte with shea butter or should I go jasmine? Also I have been thinking about brionia..I wonder how good that smells right about now??
Jasmine is nice but it is not for every day, not for me anyhow. Still a nice balm of jasmine and sandalwood??
Now that does sound very good..

I got this picture from
 mystic medusa.
she is so awesome!!

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