Wednesday, August 21, 2013

solar flares

We just had a mass ejection from our Sun, yesterday..Tuesday 8/20/2013..
It is very hot today and my face hurts if I am outside too long. maybe it is because I know it happened that I feel it more. My cat, Soapie, has been in a sort of frenzied tizzy, running, carrying on and and acting sort of edgy.
I feel like she knew a bunch of overheated stuff would come to a head all over our friend's cat has also been acting up. I feel like they know what is up!
The sadness in Syria, who knows what they are fighting for or if they remember!
The inconsolable have proven once again to be inconsolable..this may go for many of us on a small scale and the world.
I was glancing through the news and I feel astounded that people are so mean about God!
Some believe and some do not and then they spend so much time calling each other names..
Who cares! If God is real, then he loves us and if he isn't then it is possible that space and time are so curved out and twisted up that it  grows off into a new a pimple!

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