Monday, August 26, 2013

Uranian trickster

So you know, I work retail. I have worked in the health industry and I say industry, for about 30 or so years. I was around during  part of the "roots" co-ops and small stores in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, working and learning nutrition. I  worked at Zerbos for a few years and learned many things. Like why would I pay 30 dollars for angel water when I can bless my own?? Well, we didn't have  The Secret back then, did we? We thought that frangipani was real in those little vials, we danced around fires:)

Health stores attract crazy! Uranian crazy..
It has been the same for many years. you will get that one lady, always a woman, who snaps and wants to start taking and tyring everything. Then the returning!
The last one, this red headed whore, took my time and it was in many cases twice a day for three four weeks and I gave her samples and aloe, and carbo veg..yesterday, she snuck in when I wasn't here and returned everything. I threw away 200 hundred dollars worth of stuff on that wakadoo! But more important, my time..
(mental note to me, be more self aware and (learn to see people's scam sooner)
That would be a shopping cart about 1/8 full in the land fill! I had spoken to her the other day that I did not want her "trying" any more stuff ( I noticed her at the desk, returning some dumb thing we told her she could use for her stomach))because then she will not know what has worked, and more important,  we throw that shit away bitch! No, I didn't say that, but I did tell her in my nest nicest way that i didn't think she should be trying this many things...she did it all over the store, drinking, eating and returning..sick? or Mean?
If you say sick, how come she was so good at describing her symptoms and her day  was so well planned out to simply scam what ten people last month three times a day. Three times day! My stomach would hurt just seeing her pasty eating face!
(pasty is some sort of meat pie)
( the jester, or the fool??) That is Uranus really..I feel like Uranus  brings a little crazy and a little thieving..
My store you see, will take everything with a receipt..
She used the whole month and then returned every thing! The probiotic  was warm, she never even opened it but I still had to toss it!
Ok, I feel fakin violated! And not in a good way yo, not in a good way...I took pity on the wrong person.
She told me how she lost her husband and had to raise her kids on her own, I was like, awe!!!
How did I get sucked in? I felt for her. i must not make that mistake too often..
I  will just tell people, krill is bad karma, I will not talk about, it is not better than any other distilled fish oil and if you want want astaxantyhin so bad, eat some red algae, why you gotta take from our fellow creatures, there aren't that many, really!!You hate whales or something? How can you be so mean to tell people that krill will heal their joint pain? That is like saying Emu oil can heal joint pain! Like I want to rub animal carcass oil on my knees because they hurt! ha!
Oh, dr oz, mercolla, dr there is happy looking man! hahahaaaa

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