Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what gets in

I don't want you to worry about me and think I am going though a thing. When Mars squares Pluto in one's chart, one goes through intense experiences. Plus, retail, is retail..
Every two years on the average,  so when Pluto squares Uranus in the sky, it must be bigger,  seemingly more important. we will get through this too. 
. I am mentally at the moment as I write this,   building that barrier of protection, like a net..for myself..and you..more self awareness, more good works..and I do know that the key is creating detachment and space between ourselves and lower types..dude, once in a while one gets through, the fak..like a bad bug in your house.."get outa heeahh"
I always say that to a bug. I have about 4 kinds of ants that try to get in and an occasional moth..In Costa Rica, snakes, frogs, and giant ass spiders..you need a net because in the morning when you wake up, and see what is sleeping on the outside of you, you are glad you are netted in..sigh..oye!! It is so raw and rustic..like always being on a camping trip..
I remember that now..the sound of nature and waking up in the jungle is wonderful with the distant sound of the ocean and birds singing. The monkeys arriving to eat and hang out and follow me around the place, waiting for me to leave them  a treat of some sort.  I will tell you this..jungle animals are focused. They do not have time for squabbles.  Sometimes they do happen, but the dominant parent nips them in the bud right quick!
The momma monkey takes care of her youngun' and the chicken momma never leaves her eyes off the babies. 
 In other words as some yogi said it, tend to your important duties and everything will happen for the best results..or something like that, his English was not very good and I had to sort out the gist of it on my own.

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