Thursday, May 1, 2014

moving with the power within

you have the ability to make your will stronger with your creative mind.
So, dwelling on what is wrong is not the way to be happy. see?
Dwelling on the past and how you have been hurt is not the way, see?
Talking about what you hate all day, it is easy to say, all day, I hate this and I hate that and it is all piddly things.
Make up your mind to love what you do.
Dwelling on how bad the world is, will make you the creative mind which chooses gratitude and focus on making..making..something tangible by first thinking it up and then absolutely taking steps to creating it to be real. It works every time!
Making a home..making a family, mothering and cleaning up. a sparkly home makes everyone feel invited..walking through a narrow pathway of boxes and clothing does not..
and I am not talking too.
isn't it lovely to walk in to a sparkling place? Yes it is!

The Solar eclipse in Taurus..
values, family, food, bread, money..
money is your friend and mine
Money brings health, cleanliness, new shoes and good soap..
there is no satisfaction is being poor, lets have it all..
my riches come from oils. I am most happy when I have them all near me.
see, I am rich!
and if you buy my soap, you are too. We always get what our mind wants us to have. I want more sandalwood because I made two creams with a lovely  sandalwood from Eden and vanilla co2 and people said I smelled divine, all day.
 Who doesn't love vanilla?

The next six months will be an excellent time to get your bills paid and move closer to where you want to be for the next ten years.
Set the platform on which you will build your hopes and dreams to be well stocked with your best possible attention to the best possible outcomes.
Pisces feels edgy and wants to roam a little. Virgo has moved on.
Taurus has made a plan
Money is a key for all.
We have enough and saying we don't is not true..
we do!
Gemini has shown us he is wisdom unfolded in to laughter and he is still so pretty!
Sagittarius is a little scared but only because he forgot he is so smart and need to focus on one thing at a time.
Remember sag, glory is not anything unless it comes with bags of gold..otherwise you are wasting time trying to impress your all goes up in smoke, like poof..being reliable and steadfast will conquer any flaws.
Leo..a little break is in order, but you must grow up a little bit more. You are fine, stay away from the drugs babe!
Cancer, details, you got pretty! WOW!
Aries, sweetie..did I say, that, you will be on a grand adventure?
money, bills, I see you buying a house in the next two years..or during..
Libra, get all your bills in order and pay them off, be free to ask for more..
you should always ask for more than you are worth trillions more than you think:)
all of us should ask for more..
that the power within us makes us into the image we are giving attention to..and that is why I say, " I love you"

I haven't mentioned Aquarius,  Capricorn or Scorpio..I have a special thing I am copmposing for you..

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