Wednesday, October 1, 2014

wildest india

it is on netflix

It is not anything like the meditative books we've read. To be at peace in such a violent and wild place seems like a nightmare to me, but, I am not exactly easy going, I know this!

Check it out, it is very good. I watched all five episodes..The last two are awesome!!
Here is what I got out of it..

All those people surviving like they always have and learned to by their parents, they do not worry about being depressed and getting to work on time and hating this or that. Fox News, CN fakin N and that doctor guy. They are always bringing things to our attention aren't they. things that do not matter!
Do you really think chia seeds will save you? You will eat them for a week and then have a fried egg on buttered toast. Why? Because it is going to be winter and your body instinctively goes for a little more fat.
I like a little fat on me. it holds my skin up..seriously, it does, otherwise I look like I am gaunt and tired..I know my body! I always have.

So, this shepard boy, all he does is go to hills and attends to the sheep, or goats, I think they were sheep. he has to sleep in bitter cold freezing outside for them because the snow leopard follows the sheep where ever they go.
It is crazy..I bet that boy is so tired by the end of the day, that he sleeps hard!
Give that boy a microwave now, and thank you for the infrastructure!
It will take a long time for the modern conveniences to reach some of the wild people of earth. Still in cave man times they are. It is so fascinating to watch these young and older men run through the jungle, barefooted and leaping around and on trees..I thought it was amazing..It made me think about how nice it is for me to just put on the gas and have a fire and how I do not have to work on the floor..and even making your own butter from goat's milk would be just so incomplete for me. I already know, that I don't know..
Does the cheese and butter making grandmother know what she does not know? Does she care?
They use these bags made of goat stomach..
That there takes time to clean and cure..
All day, they work with the seasons. They hunt pig when someone spotted one, they milk the goats, they take their wool..that is 10 sheep times 2 hours brush it out of each sheep with a device of some sort, like a brush.
How do they have time to watch Telly at the end of the day?
ha ha

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