Thursday, July 31, 2014

burgundy pitch

It smells real enough. I am melting things right now. I am really excited about this day and everything being the right way with no draggers on..
draggers on:)

Yes, we all have disappointments and sorrow. So?
I choose to be free from worry and despair, free from lower type hangers on and mistrustful so called friends.
Be clear.ya'll..
Like I tried to babble on about this yesterday but, you know, I get way ahead of myself and spew drivel..ha hahaaaaaaa
Just saying once again, people talk, and sometimes it is true what they say.

Cry then, but crying does nothing but give you swollen that what you want? Swollen eyes? That is why creative juices are for.

this is why creativity flows
This forest blend is brewing right now.
frankincense tears and oil
star anise
burgundy pitch

bees wax
fractionated coconut oil
I wanted no disturbance in scent for this one..

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