Sunday, November 2, 2014

Four Walls and a Roof my little walking dead review some spoilers from last weeks episode

In Walking Dead land, there is this church see. a little country church with a priest some sort of priest and that is it. His suit is clean and he harbors a cowardice. He could have opened the door but it took too long and all the zombies came and ate his friends and parishioners..
So Rick and The Gang take a break there having raided a pretty full food bank which Bob got himself got bit at and then finally died in this episode..oye, Bob! Rick was a little impatient even!

So, you know, the bad guy, the cannibal, Gareth..who philosophises every evil act he commits because he was hungry and we just do not know what "they" did to them.
So here we are now..
Daryl came back with someone and I thought it would be Beth, but Carol? Why did Daryl make that face?
Some of you may have already seen the next episode..which I will not say what happened because I haven't seen it so do not say a darn thing..until Monday night.
It could be Carol, but no..How will these awesome writers titillate us?
Is it Beth and does she then tell a back story?
is she pregnant? I felt like she was..fighting?
Do we even care this much about Beth because she a had a heart to heart with Daryl?  I love Daryl. He has been sort of in the background for the last couple episodes. I feel like we will see some deep relationships building..but first, Carol needs to get it together and be a part of the group. She did the wrong thing, she did the right thing? Does it matter any more? They all have things to be ashamed of..things and thoughts they had..fears rising to the surface in the face of true terror..some one trying to eat  you!

Bad Ass Rick, my goodness! He does not kid around anymore. He has found a balance between being kind hearted and loving and "I will tear your head off if you hurt any of my family!"

The whole business of Glen leaving? Really? Why? Safety is in numbers, not too big but  a nice group is enough.
Enough to look out for each, Mullet boy must be taken to Washington DC, right now, in the night! A day is not that big of a deal!
So, no, I do not like the Red Head anymore..he himself stated that he was a jerk. Sorry does not cut it!
And then Glen is all like, "yes, we will go with you, if you just stay and help with these cannibals who were about to eat you a couple days ago!!!" as if he was talking to a child or some one who didn't speak good English..LOLOLOLLL:)

I will give this episode 9+
Remember what Rick said, "be alert", he said. he said it to his boy. That even though people seem like they are all that, they suffer the same, and handle it in their own way..some  go and have gone dark. What are your boudaries regarding that and your people? Do you care about their past? Or what they are now? You carry it all with y ou. Every cell has a memory, every atom ancient.

Sorry, zombies, it was zombies I was thinking about. poor rotting  virus ridden ex humans!

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