Saturday, November 15, 2014

a girl came in and wants to make candles for everyone as gifts

I get so happy this time of year at my store..we have bees wax and essential oils, what else would someone need to make good creams and candles. The girl came in to see what we have and I spoke to her and said, "hello, miss" :)She was looking to go buy  soy wax and "natural" scenting for her candles she was gonna make for friends and stuff. I told her that bees wax is really better all around as it does not pollute the air with harmful smoke..
Bees Wax! Golden, amber, dim cream has colors, it is alive based on which flowers were the most portent and strong. here in Michigan, there were many many yellows  and orange..I wonder which flowers, They must have been very  bright gold and sunny!
amazing protective
allows for breathing
kills harmful critters
rich in vitamins
rich in enzymes
and food safe
yes you can even eat it..a wee bit..I mean don't start eating ounces of beeswax and green powder all day for gosh sakes!:)
I told her also some other pointers, like...
it burns clean and does not leave harmful ash in your home.
There are more good reasons for beeswax, way  more if anyone wants to add  to its benefits list!
She bought the bees wax and we talked wicks for a bit. She then wanted vanilla and that is where the story really starts.
I showed her the cost factor of diluted vanilla co2 or the fake vanilla down to  the other display which smells like any vanilla you'd  see at any nice store. I explained she  listened and bought the 10 dollar thing to scent her candles instead. I would have bought the vanilla on line like I told her to but people get scared about ordering on line..I understand, what with all the fuks out there trying to get in! But there are really nice steady companies out there willing to serve.
Paypal is great about that..but you still have to be careful about accounts where they can draw money from.
Anyhow, it is my point to say that this chick also remembered as blond smiley in my brain..this chick is open a little bit. She wants to create a nice environment. This means she is reading and thanking for herself. I wonder if she'll come back to talk about sandalwood like that? I will tell her about other oils!
After she had gone,
it was then I noticed the roundish stringy haired little Frenchman  that always comes for frankincense. he is so cute, I want to squeeze him! he finally after a year talked to me with his sweet accent..loving oils and wanting what is us! You never know about people and how amazing (or how bad))they are behind their hidden or not..the eyes never lie. One must be still for that and think before reacting..I hope he comes back.

I am so excited about candles this year!
I am making little votives one of these days. They will be simple in glass.

little votives with beeswax so golden you want to smile just looking at it.

piney oak berry

I have been thinking that it is time for a nice special..a lovely kit.
Something nice as a gift for a dear one..

a soap with ground green fig,  blue spruce hydrosol, thyme hydrosol, and oakmoss,  dwarf pine, swiss stone pine and templin fir, Siberian fir, balsam fir and more oak moss, myrrh, a splash fougere..

a balm..simple for real healing ability..frankincense bergamot in organic sunflower seed oil

a  candle
piney oak berry

my heart is now racing because i love this so much and I must say thank you to some very wonderful people who follow me.

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