Saturday, November 29, 2014


I have an idea and it just isn't right yet.

I want glass or a mold?? I cannot put my finger on what I want so I am vague.
I am sorting through my thoughts right now and saying to myself that I should make one scent in a candle and not just for Christmas.  It should be gentle and rich with brewed frankincense and myrrh resins with in the beeswax.
A gentle frankincense candle and it should be a will look pretty what ever I decide. Sheesh, and all this beeswax sits..
The soap is curing though so we are on track..relax Anastasia!

Did you see how that spectacular Mike ( I wonder what his birthday is, he writes beautifully..)) he wrote a nice thing about Fougere cologne?? xo
 It is beautiful and I feel like  once we get something made by someone, something oily and rich, our own smells make it better. I will say that I love a nice smelling warm man..the kind that you smell when you are up close. The old whore soap does that on its own. Add a spritz of a beautifully prepared oakmoss cologne and your man or you are good for the whole day.


This last batch turned out really nice because I became more in touch with the tonka bean. You have to melt that gently in a water bath and temper that for a while with the oak moss added afterwards and again temper until you have a smooth syrup....
You can then pull that and add your more volatile essential oils..the clary sage, the lavender and the your call..if you want to reduce it with the oak moss mixture, you can..I like to add that as I go. A little more here and a little more there...also in this batch, the geranium rose co- distillation added a perfect grassy note..almost like the flowers one might smell in a summer garden..Somewhere in the close proximity...

I hope you get one..

and now for my poem of the day..

as winter settles us all in
we ponder on our wonderful practices
we rejoice in our thirst for more
each cell in our bodies and each cell in our brains open to the best things
always enough money
riches coming easily
our beloved friends returning to say they love us and
our hearts again and again
 open to say welcome home
forgiving those who suck :)
they have nothing to do with you
remember your task
remember your skills
you are elegant
you want some one close and even if they  disagree
they always have your back

Be the one to face the day, not the one who follows behind  others stealthily with a knife in your hand.
Be the one who adores faces and be the one who accepts races and be the one who seeks knowledege and be the one who explores all possibilities..

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