Sunday, November 30, 2014

WALKING DEAD Review "Crossed"

Number one, Sasha, you dummy!!!

Number two, I am with Rick on this, what is this "three is better than one"??
Daryl, sweetie dirty armed yummy man,  remember that every time you guys do not listen to Rick, things get shitty.
Like if the red head stayed and thought things through, the mullet boy would have confessed eventually.
Number three, there is a bigger threat a commin! Yes?

 Dawn is scared that is for sure..scared shitless. She is also mean and selfish.
The doctor guy, he is bad. I feel like epinephrine is not the right drug for Carol. I am not a doctor so we will see about that.

 They could have had this wrapped up in no time but no, we have to have compassion. Rick is not going to take this for long. At least I hope not.
The episodes are too
I love every one of them, the boring ones, and the really scary ones.

Why do we love zombies so much?
They are an a exciting new fear aren't they?
You can only be so scared of satanic movies and then they become boring..zombies are not some mystic force that is here to take you to a fire pit and torture you, they just want to  eat you..hahahaa
and, it is not metaphysical at all, it is a virus that latches on to  the brain and changes humans, kills them but lives on its nervous system...
Can this happen for real? LOL
I do not think so, but,
how many people died from Ebola last week? Thousands, yes, plagues happen, and they are not anything mystical, yet, they are very scary.
I digress...:))

Sasha, really, "Bob 2"?  He recognized a melted half zombie as someone he knew....??? Sasha, Sasha, Sasha!
How long did you know Bob 1, like a month?! And now you are all freaked out! I get it and keep it together or you will die..and I am kind of sick of it..your moody almost anger all day!
Plus now I am pissed that you are stupid..up there with Eugene! Dumb ass, I am still pissed that he put glass in the gas tank! Abraham is right on that..
Maggie looks super put together with her boots and her gun belt all perfect. When did she have time to get those clothes..when they were in town getting food that time that Bob 1 got bit?
Great legs on Maggie though!
Will Maggie  reunite with Beth only to loose her?
Personally, I think Beth will live..but my opinion does not matter as the  writers do what they want anyhow!

ok ok..
So now we have a nice new direction in the story..some one or two will die..the group gets to fight a new foe..a bigger badder foe!
Can anyone be worse than The Governor? I do not know. It all depends on the actor.

We are going to freak out and have to wait months before we dive in to our new adventures..
My predictions are that the group will come together..
three people will die..
and Rick is going to be a smart baddass and we will all love him more, er, I will!

Tyrese, please..he should have stayed back with the baby and Michone should have gone with Rick. But I know what Rick was thinking..he needs someone with a clear head to watch his kids..Tyrese is broken for sure.
Again, he needs to face the day or not..there is no.."oh, there is good here, lets talk.."
Tyrese, Tyrese, Tyrese!!

On the other hand? Who is a good person in that hospital? Which cop is a good person there?
No, we can't slice every one's throat! I know this.
We want to, we want Rick to unleash himself, but he is so smart, isn't he. He never just reacts..he plans and thinks. he is a real hero.

Lastly, there is Carl..Judith..Michone..all alone..
Freeking priest..he is going to show his dark side right quick..The symbolism of the half eaten Bob 1 leg shows me that this guy is bad to the core. he is ruthless and cunning with his nervous fake ass cowardly shaking!
He is worried about the cross..awe..will he just loose it and freak out or is he running to a leader of some sort whom he serves?

9+ because it was too short..always too short!

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