Sunday, November 16, 2014

my lady

That is right my friends, that is me now..56 and being called, "my lady" and so it goes..we make room for the nymphs and young mommas and become their guides. I am OK with it.
I know getting old sucks because your bones hurt and there are new lines here and there and we loose the hormones that make us sexy. "Age is just a number" I don't care for that , when people say that to me.
It isn't. Just because you think you look 30, you do not and you are not.
By this time in life you have formulated a lifestyle and carry all that you have done with you..everything OK..
bury it deep as you want
lie about it
try to cover it up with status
your big white horse which needs fed with constant praise
you carry everything with is who you are..

Now, I must say, working in an environment where women come in in hordes to buy firming lotions and unguents..dude..just because it says is like spanks for your face. It is for looking at and not real..but they come in anyhow. I find I can tell when puffed up lips come in too. One lady has so much black eyeliner almost all the way to her eyebrows in order to take the effects of aging from her very old face.
It is to laugh but then beautiful aging women with bright clear skin also come in and out. Aging easily and gracefully and that  is where I am at.
I dress the way I want. I work doing what I love which is skin care and letting the world know as much reality as I can. Also I will not join a dating site or chat with men I do not know in real life..I cannot so do not even think it.
Some married men sneak around like for me..when you have to remember what you said because it was a lie, you basically suck, yo! Tell me the truth. I  can handle it!

"Madam Soapmaker"
One boy calls me that!

How about my favorite one, "Saboni"?  My hunky Virgo  says that!

Of course we change, each step in our evolution being a new set of atoms creating electric energy in areas of our brain. And I will wear eyeliner and clean clothes for gosh sakes, I use nature tint because I do not have to be gray yet..
I am all about that! Working out, resting, learning, talking and being happy!

Being happy makes for more happiness. It is very true!

Telepathy is real science now! We can send messages from our brain to a computer! This means mythology plays a role in how our civilization developes its conciousness  through deep time..deep time is 13.7 billion years to form us and human time is about 1.5 million years..a speck in time..what is time anyhow? Good  question, how glorious it is to find out!

There is new idea in cosmology that what was before the big bang..there was another universe which had expanded so far out in space and  like a super nova crunched back in on itself and crunched all that stuff into a dot and then started over to make us here and now and also then? Oh yea!!
I think so because if we think about alternative universes and that is where the math takes us, then of course, we would consider that we are even smaller than we think??
"Oh, yes, that is conceivable!"
The engineer, said to me! "What adventure it is to find out!"

There are secrets there..real mystical stuff unfolding before us. Our children's children to have learned and evolved from what we bring with us..each of conscious energy together on earth..

I love you!

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