Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Consumed" The Walking Dead, anastasia's review

The best part is Daryl's face as He and Noah are leaving with both Beth and Carol in the belly of the whale!
I am so excited about this story. Carol, what is happening, are you in this now or not. Are you going to fit in with the group or are you going to die. I still do not know, but this episode was great. The symbolism of all the fires we had seen in past episodes and from Carol's whereabouts at that moment and how the writers now and putting it all together and will join forces with or with out her.
I hope she stays. I loved carol in this episode.

I had this idea that Daryl just runs in to Noah and they would be just took a minute. Noah was scared and handled everything wrong.
I think Daryl was playing him the whole time to show Carol she needs to control her instinct to just kill any bad don't have to kill everyone, in an apocalypse it seems, you almost do!
The bad guys suck just as much as the zombies, sometimes!

When Daryl and Carol spend the night in a shelter, I loved that!  Carol knew this the past before all this, she had to stay there because her fuc of a husband husband was abusive, hated women and drank liquor and became more abusive and hurt her..
She has learned to become strong, Carol has. She's had to live hard and be abused to know what that is already and now this is instinct to her. She is used to danger on a daily level for many years now. I feel like she adjusts pretty well, where others fall apart. She holds it in until she can indulge in crying. Yes, it is lonely!
Carol is finally free to do what she wants to do and be who she wants to be..over and over..she gets to decide.
Also she gets to see that her new family of friends care for her in such a way  that she is not used to. She and Daryl have both seen humans on a very low level and now they get to work through that and really, does it matter? Does anything really matter before any of this Apocalypse? I mean who cares at this point if you have guilt or you feel bad about having to kill some guy to protect your kid from being brutally raped? I do not. Choose who you want to be now is the theme, because the remenats are all just smoke drifting up to the clouds, a memory.... smoke  at each phase of her journey since she left the prison, er, was made to go by Rick. It is what saved them for him to have done that, Otherwise, she would not have been there, to be able to come back around and basically save the day. Rick instinctively created circumstances, he didn't even know it. telepathy?

Now here we are, she is in the hospital. She is hurt twice, banged up  pretty hard.. and most likely, there is internal bleeding..I mean when they fell from the bridge in that truck, I think she was more hurt than she led on.
Maybe she will live through this, I am not saying I  know something others don't. I mean it is just a story after all. one of the best. In real life they would both be really hurt..but thank goodness it is only tv:)
The truck fell hard though, didn't it?
Of course, the zombies followed..all was cool..and very make believe and wonderful!

Yes, for the machete and yes, for Daryl making a friend and getting his cross bow back. I love the machete!
"How I was before? How was I?"
"It is like you were a kid, now your a man"
"how about you?"

"....I didn't do anything and he beat me, I didn't do a damn thing and was punished, at the prison I got to be who I want  to be.."

**loved the tent zombies
**loved the whole thing!!
9+ just because I want more!
Carol please don't die, do not break our hearts!

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