Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beth... Walking Dead Review... "Slabtown"

She wakes up all clean on a hospital bed.
Remember what happened to Beth when she was taken away from Daryl? He had finally opened up to us and we loved him for his pain in this. he lost her. These fuks, The Saviors,  had made a lure for travelers and the set it up so they could take what appeared to be  weaker people, women so that they can have slaves to keep order in their hospital..
The leader(so far), Dawn, a wretched woman is in charge. She is OCD and Mean and likes to beat people. she is mean. "We saved you, so now you owe us!"
Beth stays quiet and does what she needs to to do. They put her to work as the doctors assitant.
She makes it clear she wants out.
She makes friends with Noah whose father they killed so they could take him. The two plan an escape.
Why did they need Dawn's key if they were going to take the slab elevator?

Is Dawn the only one in charge? Is that priest in charge? I wonder about that guy.

I  would think that a bunch of Southern macho police men would take her down and do what they want..
 They  had some sort of frightful things happen and things fell apart and they lost their loved ones and now here they are, with that strong person who thinks she is doing a good thing.

Does Dawn think she is doing the right thing?

As much as some still to this day,  modern women are able to wrench open their daughters legs in order to cut off pleasure points on their boys are still no exception either, here in the US.
I wonder if you gave them all a choice, how many would say, "no", or how many  wouldn't.."it is for cleanliness", they many of them would get pissed because they could please their god in this wretched way..Dawn is nothing compared to that real tragedy in our real world right now!

"No one is coming Dawn!"

I look at Dawn like that. Confused and making sure everything looks like she has followed orderly protocol in  case someone up above comes to save them. They  will then,  begin a new society with 3% ruling the masses who are bred to be weak and working for them.
Sounds about right..right?

I was so excited for next week because Carol is here. She was brought in on a gurney.
Is Carol hurt?
Did they knock her out? Is Noah with Daryl? I think he is!
Beth shows us that she is patient like all good Leo people. she can wait for just the right moment to strike. She will strike!
How do Dawn and the doctor underestimate her like this?:) Must be those eyes which make her look like a frightened deer, an indifferent frightened deer with a sharp knife in her pocket.
Carol will be fine. ( I hope so) She is a warrior all day. Daryl will bring back our heroes and we will all be so happy and scared and nervously excited!

Some people said that this episode was too slow and who cares..dude, it can't be all smashing of rotten heads! It will all come together and we will talk about it!

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