Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the holy week of the grocery business

I have everything I need so I will not be making trips to Costco or Kroger or any other overcrowded venue that sells food.
We are having dinner here and my mom and dad want to come over here and eat with us. I am both glad and kind of meh, I would rather spend Thanksgiving having a walking dead marathon and I will most likely rest..I say most likely because I have a list of things I would rather be doing if I were and the rest of the weekend that most people get to have a break. Black Friday is a big shopping day. People want deals so they come out in droves. I have to is ok, I am ok with it

Eleneethas will have some sort of holiday sale and it will include a candle this year.
I made a whole bunch of good stuff this year and I an very satisfied with my work. I hope that you have enjoyed everything and I would gladly look forward to making more exquisite skin care and soap for years to come..OM

This is not a political web site, it is a blog where I get to say stuff..if I am wrong, I am glad, lets find the truth in everything.
For example, our debate yesterday here in the house...

the three goat women and the empress takes a bow..(who is the empress?))

"drinking is harmful and smoking weed is against the law.."
"I hardly think having a cider is drinking, dear"
"yes but..the blah bla of Columbia said, blah blah..." ( she has read some books now about stuff and you know..we all do it..we become convinced right away)
"One, I do what I want, two, humans like a drink  now and again and a fermented beverage is nice what with all the micro nutrients  that are so important for cell recreation"
"simmer down, mrs.!"

Sometimes I wonder why this girl took up debate in school but I think she was told that the dude who runs debate is the smartest teacher in the school and she loves that. I would have done the same thing if I were her, I suppose. For me it was my English teacher of course! Mr. Derdarian! I told her I was a nerd who stayed home and read Emily Dickinson and Charles Dickens so that the next day I could sit with him after class and talk about the words!
"what, did you think that I was only interested in zombies?"
LOL, She laughed.
She loves smart people and things and she is only 16 and thinks she knows everything.
I told her that when I was her age, I stayed home and studied and made little crafts..She thought I was worldly. My English was still in progress and I needed extra time to do my homework. I am not worldly which is why I can be objective and look at All of them, in the world, fighting, and killing and say..humph,
 "they sure do have a whole lot of time to dwell on the wrong by doing more wrong.."
I think to myself..
They are all so smart! My kids!  Even the republican boy..I am still working on him, gently..and with kindness and no is better that way. There are still times when I want to leave here and go to France and make cheese and eat truffles that I would forage in the woods with my pig. For now..I must clean the floors in case my dad looks in a corner when they get here.

"Take your shoes off!"

I love you! Happy Thankgiving and do not forget the sweet potatoes!


  1. thank you! Eat and then eat a little more? I have the netflix fireplace going and my floors are is good!