Friday, November 14, 2014

oak moss patchouli base

Is there anything better than you can think of about this time? I am really enjoying building this mossy scent..this smokey, coumarin loveliness.
It will only get better with time too!

I began by diluting the tonka in grain alcohol and then I mixed that with patchouli and a good dollop of oakmoss. It is very thick the oakmoss is and  so I waited a minute to allow it to break down in the, I put the patchouli, dark, sweet, deep, sultry, rich and tenacious! Now, for our little helpers...

clary sage, two very grassy, the other almost smokey..
rose geranium, distilled with rose petals
violet leaf
rose drop
templin fir
swiss stone pine
petitgrain (neroli)
petitgrain lemon
vanilla co2
lap sang su shong co2 (smokey tea)

I was thinking that it is awesome but you will have to try one for yourself..
I was also told today that I smell amazing and what is my perfume. I said, "fougere" :)

I almost want to add more clary sage, but, I will wait..too much of anything might ruin the balance of the subtle notes ..violet smells a little like tobacco..but no, it is its own thing.

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