Thursday, November 6, 2014

and that is what makes me funny

All of my oversights lead to funny stuff!
Like when I wrote "palce" instead of "place"..hahahaaa, I am a dorkavitch..what!
See, I didn't notice because it was late.:)Plus my eyes are not getting any better. I noticed it in my 40's..yes the eyes..they dim like a star might dim because we are made in stars.

I am still excited about my new neroli oil. It smells really  good and I am excited because I have some..enough for all of us neroli fans! With this new jasmine, it will rock!
It has to be an oil.
That is it.
I will offer an one ounce stunning treat to any goddess who wants real jasmine.
The kind that brings so much contentment that you'll just know it without words.

 I look at jasmine as an Isis oil.
Definately Isis!
She portrays confidences based on knowledge and that carries everyone who is in contact with her. Her power is in her golden wings of truth..the cosmic laws and how they always help her achieve her greatness.
Lilith my Lilith

I would always adore your power in me..your symbols are always strength your power in being ale to banish what needs gone!

Yes, there is a very special oil for your after bath processes..
One ounce of mixed oils rich in fatty acids and tocopherols
1 fat drop jasmine oil, co2 (eden) oh, my stars!
7 fat drops neroli
1 wee drop sandalwood

This will not  be a perfume because the oils used are made to nourish like a serum,,but this one is for the whole body and all you will need is 3 or 4 drops on damp skin!

Why jasmine  now when so many other crafters are making complex and very exotic oil blends?
 I feel like when you keep things so simple like this, there is more clarity and focus..It is like the empty space that fills, not all the stuff we are able to know, the mystical smallest things..that is jasmine all day. Even the best concrete cannot compare to the real flower's scent. This co2 comes very close!

Symbolically, jasmine brings love and secrets to the minds eye. Jasmine is calm and secure. jasmine is riches and words that enrich us!
Neroli is awesome. I had a bitter orange tree in Costa Rica in the back yard. The flowers are heaven..I will not mind this next few smelly weeks at all!

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