Tuesday, November 25, 2014

soap sale at the shop

No biggie, I made some awesome organic soap and because of the cold, the water evaporation made for a hard bar..

Three For 13.00 :)
three for $13
There is cinnamon co2 soap, lemon soap , and a mellow yellow  fog on stone soap. I used the 100% perfume blend and as you know..soap does what it wants to..I am very excited about it.
I get patchouli, all the other subtle nuances are not there yet as they might be in an oil or spray..
Soap is alchemy in a way, yea?
Magic, like Escoffier would do. I feel like a good meal  is like that. memorable...

I made an awesome salad for dinner yesterday where I took roasted red peppers ( my moms garden she roasted them, peeled them and froze them.) and I chopped them. It was about, 8 peppers total.
and then I chopped them and added a whole fresh hot house cuke, sliced  and onion, sliced and then I added some salt on that..I love Celtic salt! Next I put the olive oil, apple cider vinegar,  and one thin  sliced not chopped garlic clove, for perfume not to chew on in every bite..garlic does something to peppers..that is it! I have never been a fan of even a food processed garlic. Nice clean cuts make for the best flavors..that is one big point in beautiful cooking and skin care..
No tomato because they are expensive and I am not spending a dollar on some waxy cold tomato at the grocery..please, no...instead we just ate that with feta cheese sprinkled  on top  and I went back for just salad, it was gone! That is how good this salad is.
Everyone ate..
They gobbled that up in a flat bread and it was good. I love bread with salad. I am a Greek in that respect for sure!

Also, I love you:)

I got a new book and translated version of Escoffier's notes..omg..an actual book, not audio..it has been a while.I cannot sleep since it came or that I had realized it was here on the table. I wonder who had it before me.? Someone who cared about cooking and making beautiful things I hope! There are no photos so that makes better.lol
That means it is meaningful. I suppose it is..Who wouldn't want to enjoy a perfect omelet? I have a special pan just for that!

I feel good, I hope that you are well and happy during this winter's passing and that we will always be fullfilled.. I am grateful if I even had to say, about everything. being safe is a big one. How lucky we are at this moment my friends to be at peace at least with one another and to be warm and well fed. Some of us too much bread!
Do not worry about the past and eat with your mouth closed for gosh sakes....oops am I talking to myself again?

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