Tuesday, November 11, 2014

pre hysterical tones

You know, the things that happen in families where the domenant female is not me..or so other super awesome girls think..they think, yea? (people take other people's kindness for weakness sometimes!) My words can be swords! That is all Libra type stuff.
Daughters are like that because they think they know you based on their own feelings and delusions, impressions of life..
As daughters grow they become more compassionate towards their mommas..we are not the evil of everything..lol
the truth is the truth..my dad says that even if he does not always listen to himself either..who are we perfect?

So here we are today another beautiful day in Michigan,  I loves outside! I loves fall..it is so pretty and the squirrels are so fat they can hardly run..it is really funny!
I planted clover and alfalfa for them and they are happy! The birds too! I have all sorts of seeds for them to eat..my little place is peaceful and secure with new box woods and junipers to flourish through the years. I also planted a weeping Norwegian pine..maybe she will be happy here. He, whatever..I am fine. We have been planting all sorts of beautiful trees here because one of my boys works for a nursery. He brings me trees and i am planting all of them!

I will finally burn a bunch of wood too for a giant camp fire one time ..you should come over and have a beer with me and talk philosophical ideas at the same time.:))

I love learning everything! I love knowing that we are a part of something..an intelligence..of course.. but one that can reproduce itself so many times to continually be making something until it is too much and then it crashed in on itself and churns yet again, some new, better, as atoms once again begin to join together..with hydrogen..the one..hydrogen..the only..hydrogen the first...which quenches our thurst
our knowledge
our juices
you know where..
thriving on forces of blood
deep sadnesses
and true loyal steady honest dear heart love

I love you
have a good day

I have Three amazing orders to fill with fresh Delicious real ingredients..I hope you are fine and happy, serene about yourself..my heart is open for the best things for us!

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