Monday, November 17, 2014

walking dead and side stories "Self Help" spoilers even though if you like the walking dead you have already seen it

I liked "self help"..
I like the way the writers plan for us to be interested. like in the way Eugene's hair was the clue.
He, the dummy, he put glass in their only form of safety. I would have kicked his ass too. my goodness!
I do not know if he is dead but carrying a sick broken guy for 15 miles back where  Abraham, should have stayed in the first place, dummy, ha!,
Do you see what happens when you rush everything? Mistakes, yo! So, anyhow, the closer it gets to almost getting them all killed because he thinks he can go through a thousand zombies and take every one with him all because Eugene lied and said he can save the world!
Seriously, the guy with the mullet? Abe, why just buy all that??
Why, why? Well, I would tell it that  he lost it when he lost his beloved wife and kids because his wife got so freaked out over him killing a bunch of  very dangerous humans to protect her and her only way to deal? She took her kids out there and left him! Guess what happened to her and the two young ones? yup!!
Zombie death! I would be a little crazy too if that happened to me. Abe is OCD see..he has to get things done so he can get things done!! Freaking crazy red head! I couldn't believe it when he actually thought they could make it through that! I mean, why be dumb? You do have all the time in the world, go around, dude! I want to tell him to calm down and not freak out all the time and.admit you are wrong when it really shows that you should.

Of course we are consumed! That is the next episode. I am excited because I hate spoilers for walking dead and even though I have now gone through three of the books, the show thrills me to pieces!
How stressful it is to weave in and out of danger and  when  or if to kill for safety and how far you will go.?? It reminds me a little like Resident Evil which I have never played but my kids have.
My distant thoughts of the prison..How it could have been nice..But The Governor was the evilist! What was wrong with that guy??
I do not understand? i feel like there are of course archtypes to recal like Hitler and other nasty dick tators....
I love the back stories and I have to say, I would like to see some stronger women on this show..I feel like maggie has been out of it..the other one, Rositta, she is cute, salty. I enjoyed watching her speak for herself. I am glad she is there for Abraham  but I hope he can allow for respect for her instead of just having a warm body.

I digress..
Carol killed those two really sick people at the prison.. before their deaths..that was an issue last season with her having to leave because she killed Tyrese's dying lover..Rick was protecting Carol.??
Yes, because he was also learning to deal with this crazy apocalypse! In the books  Rick also looses a whole lot. We all know this. One of my favorite episodes was him and Carl after the prison was destroyed. Carl was pissed at him that he was so hurt! He barely made it out alive. Rick is amazing and has learned from The Governor, that he must stay away from bad humans. What happenes next will surely display the cast's awesome vibe and great acting.

The next episode should tie more of the story together.
What is up with Carol?
Will she again, save the day?
Who is with already know:)
Is Beth going to live through what is next?

I do not know but I will say this, in the third book, well, it is very gory and upsetting..especially if you are a woman..Michone is a badd ass in the third book.
I have to say, I am a little scared of Michone!
I miss her!
And what about this priest? Really, they couldn't knock down the doors of the church and Gareth just kicks one time.
So I do find that aspect of the priests existance shady..but maybe I am worng about that. I hope so. And that is when I should ask all the right questions.
How many people have you killed?

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