Friday, November 14, 2014

conversations with boys The Governor and walking dead thoughts

"I don't think I can really say astrology is real. We made it all up bcause the universe is so much bigger, we now know there are planets with pluto which still forming, made of ice and minerals"
"Thank you, I thought you'd never see that!"
he said that and I was alittle bit ashamed of myself for being.."too spiritual!" LOL
My dear Pisces!
It is more fun to break it all down and see how it all works! You know how... from hydrogen, everything comes!
I started talking to him about personality types and some of my ideas on where we are now in space and everything and my last book on Musolini and the Catholic church..
How deeply crazy they all were! I hadn't seen him in a long while..sweet Piscean angel boy!
The book? Wow!
"your baby is now ours because your Catholic nurse is Catholic, and she baptised him a long time ago,  and if you want to stay here and not be killed you have to become Catholic.
"oh, okay then, we just want to be safe!"
a few months later...
"no, I am so sorry but word has it that you are leaving, sorry in the name of jesus!"

Sometimes rehashing the past makes us strong and more certain there is something better than this nonsense! The stone age  human sacrifice for god  (jesus) to keep us safe when no on is safe from anything..not really ever. Every few million years a giant rock from space crashes in!

That is why I love the walking dead. I love it. You get to see how humans can go to their deepest horrid depths just as an every day events.
You are like,
"I would never do that, I couldn't be that much of a tyrant! I am a good person deep inside.."
I have seen men switch from the most sweetest angel to a demon in front of my eyes, I had nightmares over one of them. darth vaders, The Governor!
The Governor, that fuk!

I am almost finished with the back story with The Governor by Robert Kirkman. It s great writing..he pulls from history too..Carl Marx vs Stalin, Hitler..  reminding me  of  stone age men killing each other off over a dead guy who in Europe, (Ferdinand)they worshiped like a king, servant of god and higher authority over them..and also because maybe their noses were too big and they wanted all there was..
That is real people in the past The Governor's case, it is the child, Polly which he has kept alive for months now..he lost it in the closet that first week of the outbreak. he was couring in fear holding the sweet girl, now dead and chained against a wall.. Killing people so that he could feed his dead child.
How? because..that is how. He had lost it a long time ago, when Polly was alive and the all called he "punkin":))and his brother took care of everything.

How  he became surrounded by a bunch of scared servile people is easy. All he had to do, is do it, feed them and talk to them like you will fix things. take care of things.
The darkness builds up, because it can..mix it with more money, more servants and well dressed in some standard fashion and there, we look let us go and waste all our money and men on killing people...??
When he died at the prison, I wasn't even in care mode for him. I couldn't really understand why he liked to torture people. He had a nice town! No different from people who leave their families for someone they met on happens all the time..there is real suffering happening every day.
I look at The Governor as any man who has too much can become mean, abusive, on liquor, on drugs, no money, depressed, a dark cloud looming over him, feeding a dead!
Feeding an addiction, choosing bad friends who are servile..
it never lasts..
it never lasts
you cannot be great every day
none of the guys we worship can be great

every minute in our mind, we must plan the next best thing..and..stay alert.

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