Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

My friend, "ewe, who wants an oily hairy guy on them?" ha hahaaa

It isn't to make the beard oily, it is to anoint a man's everything after a bath like we ladies do.
Now you might think I am taking an advantage and making money on a trend?
I am not a saint and I like money..that  said, I have seen a whole lot of men's products and some are very nice.
 I do not like fake drakar noir on a man!
I like vetiver on a man and lime.
Jo Malone with her sleek seductive looks, yuk! There is no cranberry smell, only taste..besides, isolates are controversial, hense the clarity and transparancy of conventional perfumes..they are used all the time. that is why we cannot achieve any holding power in our oily blends.  We use oils, naturally.
 Some of us smell fine the way we are, with our simple potions.
I have balms from years ago that are still good. I had such beautiful oils then and now!

Beard oil is interesting because someone on etsy is a smart chikie! Guess what happens when we empower women? We make money for us without killing people for it! We sew, knit, make soap, make incense, make food, good food, we make words pop out at us when we most feel their fluffy attractive force between our hearts mind.
I love that about etsy. Sure you have some very gross stuff or silly stuff..but it is nothing compared to what has happened on our planet since man made fire and created a gruesome god to punish.

I have sold a few of my beard oil potions to a few ladies.
They want their man to smell good.

I like vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood on a good woman or  man..some do not. They are perhaps too used to flashy synthetics..I get it..and there is a way to make them happy as well.
It just has not happened yet..they will come around too. Synthetics give head aches and cause inflamation..dude, who wants that!!

His Musky is an aged preparation I have been curing for about two years now..
It was a cold cure due to the neroli and lime oils I used.
Apply a drop or two all over and finally on your face and neck. It will dry off to a gentle musky awesomeness! This goes for the longer bearded musky men, just a drop after you apply everywhere else, like a finishing touch.

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