Friday, November 21, 2014

soft fir or prickly pine

IIf you were going to pick a tree for Christmas, would you choose one that smells like a tree or do you prefer a soft one that does not push its scent too much but also does not scratch?
I am going for smells of course and will not care about silly things like scratches.
I am shallow when it comes to certain things though..I always like a liner for trash and cannot understand how a person can throw a half cup of coffee in an unlined trash receptacle, but like I said it is not just for looks there.That would be more on the bossy side, I guess.
I will bring a tree in this year and I am hoping to get the fireplace going. It is cold here now and a fire is always nice to bring everyone together.

We are doing good right?
R i g h t

It is a German word which means not only to be correct..but also law!
Universal law vs common law and how free we are, and free will based on duty of universe vs duty of society's rule or influence!

I mean here it is, right, the idea that freedom is only based on what your cultural society projects that you should want so it may always be led by a force of humanity and our civilization of the time.
But there is free will?
Not when there is a punishment if you don't follow, right? That is based on a king like deity who watches you and waits for you to fuk up! Even our lowly parents do not do that..I know I do not.

Free will based on Universal laws for the best things is the goal, but I say we are not so evolved yet,  (some us know) to understand that goodness comes from a cosmic understanding of, forgiveness, loyalty, not killing anyone, not stealing..I mean really, you already have so much!:) and for sure, not sitting there saying because you follow some religious sect, you are chosen by the king to hang out at his well lit pad and eat glorious food and float around  being oblivious that there are zombies in hell writhing in agony form hunger and suffering because they didn't understand free will enough for god the protect them.
It all seems so random to me!

Last week, in 2014! Reality..
The dick wads walked right in to a synagogue and killed a bunch of people! How can this be ok and why are we still arguing about Islam being okay? Or if the Jewish god is so real and has chosen them, why did he not show up at this crucial moment..don't even talk to me about The Fascists, they were Catholics, all of them, Franco.. and so was Hitler!
HUmmmphhh! Putas for evil is what they seem like to me..and who am I, The God police?
ha ha haaa
I am glad that I am safe in Michigan in a warm sweet smelling home rather than having lived through many parts of our history when our kind has been obliterated by judgement and our kind!

In my hand the old whore balm
Almost black with oak moss and cistus, dark, dark patchouli
Speaking to your phsyche 
Conscious mindfulness 
Choosing poise
Choosing calm
Knowing you are amazing 
Being so grateful 

Gnarly hands, I know this!

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