Thursday, November 20, 2014

the snow came

 I kind of hope it melts some so I can put in some more bulbs. My son you see, has taken an interest in Botany and brings home stray  things from the shop. there will be many hyacynths and primrose next year.
It is great!
Now about my askings for myself this year..
I want a sword so much. Ever since walking dead, I just want to practice again.
All my swords are in Costa Rica now and I hope some Tico is enjoying them or maybe they have rotted by now in the wet damp jungle..
I just realized that I already have a cross bow in the garage, a happier remnant of my beloved husband of that time. :()) It was our favorite thing to practice and after that, he turned it in to a religion.. There goes all the fun!! Skill has nothing to do with mysticism, it is practice with time and more practice, right?

I will set up a practice station in my yard and see what I can do! There is a lot to do!

All the should haves get put in perspective when snow comes!

You are fine and I love you.. Have a good day..I need to finish my dumplings and go to work.
And I'll daydream of days when Daryl and I have talks in the woods with our cross bows handy.....hahaha I can look at his awesome sweaty arms!!

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