Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the soap has done been made

I used oak moss as my carpet of winter scents, wet dirt, green grass a little bit decay for the good..it is fermentation..oak moss is awesome. I put it here with all my coniferous friends like I said before, stone pine, dwarf pine, blue spruce hyrosol, thyme hydrosol and dried green figs from my garden. I powdered that with a pinch organic wormwood leaves and a pinch organic lavender buds. Galbanum and styrax for secret sweetness and steady thoughts.
The other little wee secredt is I did put a dollop of fougere perfume base with the tonka and the clary sage and rose geranium..just a dollop because this last batch is delectable and adds a deep sultry woodsy smokey effect that can only be described as your secret beloved friend..is that you? I hope so  babe..:) I love you and you are fine.
Is it pretty? No and yes!

To me the ones that have pockets of oak moss and black juice coming out are even more beautiful! That mean I get a little syrup perfume for one wash.
I did cut away the blotches of oakmoss. The soap is beautiful. It will cure into something special, I promise that.
Thyme hydrosol and blue spruce hydrosol was added as part of the water phase. I believe it will add significant participation in the direction this soap will go. One would think as far as you will allow it to sit there and do it. I am already using one. The lather is fantastic.
I am not getting fruit much so we will change the name..lol. I am willing to change my mind for goodness!

I love what I do so much, I can only tell you that and display it with the intend that it would be a part of your best day:)

The soap base is organic cold pressed olive and coconut oils..good clean water with our activator, hydrosls (wildcrafted and home distilled by jake), coniferous oils, lavender extract (home made by a crafter of wild herbs), calm mind while mixing, focused loving time with family, quiet words to thrill me, beautiful songs to sing to me
ever expanding knowledge
always my cup to the filling point
may I have another
bring to me the mind to conjure
bring to me confidence to carry it through
fearlessness and primal urges coming out clean
like a sword slicing throughwatermelon.


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