Saturday, November 1, 2014

honey soap ideas

Harvest Moon Blend  does not disappoint.
It is and has been  edgy and has something that makes you go back and try to figure it out. Aromatherapy or life?

I put acacia honey co2 in there and I think that is why it bites you a little. It is not a typical spice soap for sure. I feel like when you mix this many oils and  "food like" botanicals, you get strangeness and as I said before, it wasn't ready for a while. I had one soap that took a whole year to turn righteous! Like some people, right?
Have you noticed how everyone got a dose of reality recently?
Sudden love affairs suddenly not so lustrous?
Yea, I know! It served its purpose, I suppose!

 Mental Telepathy and what we now know, well,  is going far my we can actually measure smaller and smaller particles and send our thoughts even through our is real magic and connects many telepathic arts together. Astrology myths and thing is soap..:)))

Ok so I had a little break last month from making soap..a break means that I only made soap one time because I had enough of everything. That is good.
My mind has been rich with ideas and improvements on how I can do better business and still satisfy my artistic blending needs.

I love oils and that is the focus. My values are to  make money while providing a product we all love and want..
away from the retail world of, "if you don't like it, you can return it" love it and want it all the time..maybe you don' t always "love" every blend and that is ok.
Who could?
I mean Basil gets on my nerves a little. I feel like basil is kind of nagger..always reminding you he is there.
:) Thank you , my sweet basilisk!

I am ready to buy some oils  next week. I will buy a few citruses because I want lemony lemon soap and I want clay too.
Rhassoul is back so I think a heavy rhasooul soap would be good..heavy and dense when even the lather sucks  your face, perhaps because of the rare lithium particles in this clay which also make your brain calm.
Our brains love lithium and there is only a little bit in our universe..For some odd reason, The Atlas Mountains seem to have a bunch in there.
A little bit compared to the big stuff and always enough for us..
Rhassoul soap..
I have ideas on the scent.
It has to be simple. something we all love and want..
Fougere Rhasoul Soap?
That sounds good right about now..

I am enjoying a whole bar of ghost..a new and pretty ugly one I made with so much salt it just wakes me up and makes me happy. I usually take the scraps for myself in the shower, but, this time I took a whole bar because, dang it, I love it! It looks gray from the combination of activated charcoal and pink salt. After you wet it, it gets darker and darker but never black because all that salt will not allow.
I love it so much. The way I come out smelling after my shower is perfect with that Somalian frankincense I have been using. It is not CO2, I like a distilled resin now and again. they are all so different and I can not say enough about frankincense and how important it is for us!
The Austrian  pine, the firs and the cedars  in this blend, they all make me very happy.

I follow up with a balm and lately I have been using the old whore balm. This last batch is nice. You almost think it is to heavy but it dries off with soft mellow deliciousness and warmth..

Hello there, have a good day, :)

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