Friday, November 28, 2014

good day black day black friday shopping

I like to get really nice gifts. I do not like to rush to a store and fight lines. Dude, after so many years in retail, you make boundaries otherwise you are in it all the time.
If I need milk for example, or some daily thing I could get at a conventional store cheaper..sometimes I do, but, at the end of a day, I will not. I buy things where I work.
I have no big needs..just so many wants..

more walking dead..oh, yes, there will be!
more money for enjoyment, like books and good stories, like walking dead..:)
more shea butter
more rose hip seed oil
more kukui nut oil, I love that stuff!
more patchouli and oakmoss and where do we build from It is my call..
 What is it that you want?
I would also like and for sure be grateful for, 
more customers who do not get pissed at me for jabbering on about the Bible, the Quran and the Bagavad Gita..

That is my job see, it has always been my way to point out stuff outside of the fray..and to speak my mind.
We cannot continue to live by a fantasy and hurt our children and our mothers and my goodness, of course we will point out when something is evil..just one cleric raping one boy should give us pause, and when it is uncovered that there are hundreds and  thousands through the ages,, we will all speak of it! And please, do not tell about the few bad ones should not set the example..they do, honey! That is what God is for, to bring happiness not killing for him, not raping for him and not burning women for him..
Or if the Quran pushes towards violence in "his" name and allows for modern science (bombs) to kills for god..or as in the African case, in Nigeria, where they burned those women alive  for witchcraft! If they were truly powerful witches, they could get themselves out of it, couldn't they?
Or if Babaji  or Shiva is still over there in The Himalayan Mountains meditating, What good does that do to the slum people of India? Or the ones that eat rats to stay alive?
Of course, I will say things..and sheepishly add that, that is my Mercury in Scorpio. I can't help it! lol
I can reshape my ideas regularly though..that is the plan, that is what books are for..and then, out of the blue, 
I can get sidetracked for months on that one thing my mom said. That would be Neptune conjunct my Mercury in Scorpio.
 ha ha ha ha..ok, I will stop..after I bless my home by the power of Isis.  I will apply all her glorious attributes to my life and forge on, each step of the way, observing and thinking.

Funny, when I was in that Greek dance group, They made me, I fought it because I couldn't fit in with those girls. I always chose the far end and not the front of the line. I would do what I want at the end spot and wave my scarf. I suppose I was pretty. I have such a strange face, Some of you know!
Some people say I am pretty..funny little muffins!
Speaking of which, was good. The baby was here and he bonded with my other older grandson. It was the best part of the day when they kissed and hugged. So sweet! The baby took to him, just like that!

I wanted to say "hello", before you start your busy day...there is plenty of pie.

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