Saturday, November 22, 2014

the gmo debate

All of a sudden I get whirled in to some debates that have nothing  to do with me..
Like I would choose genetically modified food! I went to a country feed store once and there  was also their "garden' center there with all pink coated seeds..fuks!
I will never choose such a seed to plant in my garden and ever since the industrial revolution, farming on earth has become dangerous!
Yes, I know I have eaten gmo corn and gmo wheat..for sure, not by choice but they have permeated every area of our lives that they can.
There are seed saving organizations though and I am saying this much and I will stop. How about better soothing ways to feed the world? How about get them out of is a desert! LOL Starving people! And yet if you go to a social services center, you will see about all the red tape they go through to get their 250 dollars a month  so that they can eat this food the government allows them to buy.

world hunger
world hunger and starving people


chemicals and more chemicals to make  the food pretty and the right size
then you mix more rare and toxic materials into new chemicals which are not the same as say calcium or magnesium..
no we are talking reconstructed hydroxides..that is like soap times  a billion!
each seed is wrapped in a toxic coating to kill all the bad bugs which for fields that big we are talking about a major problem.
lets us talk about the stuff they spray on it in the growing phase so that nothing each the precious commodity..and it is. It looks all the same and has no flaws, the farmer is happy, he has money and so do the people making and selling the ingredients.
lets us consider that these people employ thousands of people who would loose their jobs when the process changes and it will and must..

If a thousand or so people work for Monsanto..maybe tens of thousands, I do not know..but the anti bug industry is big money and big business. there would a link to DOW Chemical and others, I  am sure.
My short yet clear argument which made my opponent a  little too emotional I thought to myself. She wanted to change my mind and I told her gently that this is no way to run a planet..because in the long run, as humans get smarter they will want a healthy home, our earth..

I am not freaking out here at all..I mean yes, I am an awesome magician, witch (poetic) so to me they are too big to bother with. I have skin care to make and I always choose amazing ingredients. I work in the best store on earth and so I can not bother with politics too much..what I write here to you are my simple thoughts of the day..and yes, we all rant some days!
I like to organize things in my head so that I can choose what will work for the time being..time..time there is a deep concept!

Clearly there is a problem with the bees, they are sick and dying fast..the food they get sucks because it no longer tastes like the micro particles they were created to go suck on..there are so many reasons not to support GMO..
genetically engineered (changed) organisms..
that means they take cells from a living creature like a fish or scorpion and crack the cell of the tomato and splice that genome in to the tomato so that it can withstand cold and long bumpy rides in a huge truck, piled high..
They do that with the bees now too..pile them in trucks so that they can ship them to almond orchards..I think they are called orchards.
Seems to me if you are going to grow throusands of almond trees you should learn bee keeping! Can you imagine then how tasty the almonds and honey might be?

The bees, our true friends leaving, following an ancient calling for sweet wild flowers. If they go, we had better have developed trillions and trillions of little bee drones which pollinate all the corn to feed the world? It has been linked to tobacco somehow, but I do not have details on that.
I can see now , we should sing and live by, "Baby bees don't go!"

In the next twenty years we will see many life forms leave Earth forever..there is a reason! Our Carbon levels have never been so high, and, our air is full of other very harmful compounds..
Yet, humans have never lived longer..all that botox and calcium fortified food made with gmo corn is making for a new race..
Pretty plastic dehydrated zombies..with a nice bag and high shoes, of course!

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