Monday, November 10, 2014

mars pluto in capricorn

My phone is broken so I cannot be reached ~ in case you want to ~for any of you loved ones that actually call or text me. I prefer text because I am always on the sales floor or some driving thing. I do not text and drive..never!

I know astrology is only myth but dang it if Mars Pluto hasn't kicked in. More limitations and new perspectives is what  I am getting.

Limitations as in not getting what you want at this moment. waiting, electronics breaking and stopping what ever scheme you may have conquocted in your wee wee

"Omg, my phone!!"
"no worries, just put it in rice and do not turn it on!"

Too late, it was the first thing I did and it got all hot. I held it in my hand as all my pictures and apps from last year, gone, stayed hot for two hours then cooled off..awe..:)


I will go to the place today and get a phone, sheesh!
We are so attached to our devices! And why am I not watching Walking Dead right now instead of telling you about my phone?? Well, my other divice that plays Amazon streaming video gets as far as the episode and won't do anything else!
Ha! Not one boy of mine is here..I am left to my thoughts and waiting. :))

It'll be fun getting a new phone..I wonder if they have waterproof protectors!
They make a waterproof phones, but, I will not make that mistake again. I wasn't thinking and a girl I know was chattering on and  was doing too many things at once! The TV thing?
Who knows..I can wait for good things. I am really good at it!

Mars Pluto

All Cardinal Types like Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorns will be strongly effected here and  now. Such amazing breakthroughs!

I am in awe of our smart people and sad for some who refuse to change because what they know is never is! That is what all the great minds want to tell us. It never ever can be.

For many others today, we are getting wiser, Scorpio is growing, living, so well and also some Libras get to thrive..some not so much..
Libra, I feel like you think the grass is greener on the their side because maybe you are thinking sex will always be this wont because it can't. everything dies or slows down..even you. Living in the "hate" moment so you can justify your addictions is wrong and you know it. I feel like some people never learn though, so I will not preach. You are about to burn some very important life bridges. this time I feel like you shouldn't.. It may already be too late.  I have seen some Libras ask, "why am I all alone and have no friends?"
Being a real friend and loyal loved one is a big  idea in this!
Air signs get miffed and bitter sometimes. For Aquarius, I feel like jealousy and loneliness may be an issue..again I say to you, be nice to those who have been there for you. Maybe you expect something else rather than what you are able to get..

Now I know there are my loved ones who are Sagittarius, and we've gone through our debates on God and The Church..I am right in so many ways that you have cried and you always are my sister no matter what you think God is..and Christmas is pagan not Christian in origin and Hannika is  made up  because because every child deserves presents for the solstice..our great star rising above the horizon and giving us life. We will celebrate that!

Here is the thing. If you burn your bridges now, in six weeks who will be there to hug you Christmas morning when the beautiful gratitude of life fill us with such real joy, real love, loyal friends and real yo!

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