Saturday, November 8, 2014

making the soap

I bought a cold pressed Spanish oil this time that is the most emerald green i have ever seen and so i made soap..
I made Pluto Potion soap with the new dark patchouli I just received, it is almost gone, I love it. Then of course I had to make more of that black charcoal one with the labdanum and frankincense and amber notes.

I made a lot. It sells so well because of the of labdanum which kicks ass when we are talking balance and joyful mind.
Labdanum is so healing to for the nervous system and for the kidney lung meridian.
I seem to use it a lot because I love it and because "use" is what I am best at when it comes to skin care ingredients..not people...jeez..fine, I will say, "utilize" instead.
 You know I want things that do something and to smell really good.
 My wonderful obsession with resins hasn't even reached a peak yet so I am excited about future prospects.

Sometimes we forget why we do this. Why we continue to make things and sell in order to make more. manufacturing is complicated like that.
We may loose sight of our limitations and we are constantly reviewing our circumstances.
That is all good..
It is, as long as you love it right back.
I find that my style is very "chef" like..I explore not only beauty but practicality on some level. Why I question myself, is normal life man! And mercury

I love making aromatic delights for us. I love all of it..I must say, that I have been criticised harshly one time or another..I learned from that and  learned to navigate etsy better..
I still make mistakes with orders and  since it is only soap and not brain surgery or some drastic stress causer, I usually fix my errors to  your benefit. It is the best way for me..

I feel like fear makes us unsure and mad at others who seem to have the stage..
I want the kitchens any day!

I love you!

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